Three sterilization ways of milking machine

by:Desing      2020-04-10
- - - - - - 0 - Three sterilization ways for milking machine milking machine to use after the end of the staff will stop the work of cleaning the related, but because of the influence of the milk room environment, or staff to clean thoroughly, this equipment use over time the appearance and prevent the presence of bacteria, this time, it is not a simple cleaning can be disposed of, must through some ways to stop the sterilization. Explanation below three kinds of commonly used sterilization method, hot water circulating sterilization sterilization milking machines all food is hot water immersion, heat spreading this way than the average. Go straight to steam, the steam type sterilization to heat up, because in the process of sterilization products within air can present cold spots, so heat spreading this way is not the average. , water spray type sterilization this way is to use the nozzle or spray pipe hot water spray to the milking machine, sterilization process is after installed within the sterilization products or the top on both sides of the nozzle, emit wavy hot water mist to its appearance, so not only the average temperature no dead Angle, and the rate of warming and cooling rapidly, to comprehensive, rapid and stable to stop sterilization. Therefore, when to stop the work of cleaning the milking machine, be sure to apply the above three ways to stop sterilization regularly, if is not keen to sterilization this matter, after a period of time will find, the effect of using the device will be landing, seriously affect the efficiency of its use. Demand in sterilization time, of course, in accordance with the relevant procedures to stop, make sure there was something wrong with the equipment in the process of sterilization was not present.
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