Three strange things have pulled the hind legs of the development of sheep breeding

by:Desing      2021-03-30
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   Now it is more and more difficult to raise sheep, and various diseases are emerging one after another. Difficulties in reproduction and survival seriously affect the efficiency of breeding and the safety of mutton. How are these problems caused? Cheng Jianguo, former head of the original sheep farm and director of the sheep breeding research office of the Institute of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine, Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences, talked about his views. He believes that the existence of the three weird conditions hinders the healthy development of the sheep breeding industry.

   Overuse of vaccines

   Many sheep farms are unable to formulate reasonable immunization procedures based on the conditions of the sheep farms. From birth to slaughter, vaccinations are carried out at intervals, which seriously affects the health of the sheep. The huge demand has attracted world-renowned biopharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer and Bayer to regard China as an important sales market, and their sales volume is very large; at the same time, the number of domestic vaccine manufacturers is also increasing. In the 1980s, various provinces There are only one or two veterinary vaccine companies in China, and now there are several vaccine manufacturers in a province. There are more and more types of vaccines, and the output is increasing. In the past few years, the country has invested a lot of financial resources and manpower to study highly pathogenic PRRS, circovirus disease, and high fever. It now appears that these diseases have caused the greatest harm to sheep farms. Demand drives production, and production in turn drives demand. As a result, the vaccine and vaccine in the sheep interact with each other, and the physique does not rise but falls. Take highly pathogenic PRRS as an example. We have produced a large number of vaccines before we have thoroughly studied it. As a result, some PRRS vaccines will not only produce immunity but sometimes have a counterproductive effect.

   Cheng Jianguo believes that sheep don’t need to be vaccinated so many vaccines at all, and the cost and cost of injections are too low and the benefits are low. He suggested that each sheep farm should formulate reasonable epidemic prevention procedures based on the actual situation of the farm. For sheep, the vaccines that must be injected include sheep parvovirus, pseudorabies, Japanese encephalitis, and foot-and-mouth disease. Vaccines must also be exempted, and the rest depends on the actual situation in the field.

   Technical service channels are not smooth

   Large-scale sheep farms have their own technicians and expert service teams, but where do the technical services of small and medium-sized sheep farms come from? Now they mainly come from veterinary medicine and feed sales personnel. These people are obviously profit-seeking for the health care programs, feeds, additives, etc. recommended by the sheep farm. This is inevitable and also very dangerous. Farm managers and breeders can improve their own level through learning, but no matter how high their level is, they cannot reach the level of professional veterinarians. Therefore, many small and medium-sized sheep farms have reluctantly led by some manufacturers to prevent epidemics and health care programs. Some domestic veterinary drug manufacturers provide health care programs for breeding farms (households). Taking this medicine today and taking the medicine tomorrow. From birth to sale, it is not about growing up with food, but growing up with medicine. This is a retrogression in sheep raising technology.

   The reason why small and medium-sized sheep farms need scientific sheep raising methods and management methods is that we have introduced a large number of foreign breed sheep such as Great White, Landrace, Duroc, and there are fewer and fewer local sheep. Households also use native methods to raise foreign sheep, so it is difficult to raise them well. It is necessary to learn management methods, production models, and advanced technologies suitable for foreign sheep.

   Cheng Jianguo believes that in order to change this situation, in addition to active learning by the relevant personnel of the sheep farm, the grassroots veterinary station should also assume its own responsibilities and provide relevant training to the farms (households) on a regular basis. The scientific research department should be invited. Whether it’s an expert or a front-line veterinarian, in short, we must provide farms (households) with scientific breeding management techniques to help them raise good sheep.

   Management 'I only see the trees but not the forest'

Although the concept of    prevention is more important than governance has been advocated, but sheep farms have not done much. In the process of raising sheep, the managers of sheep farms often “see the trees but not the forest”: suppose this sheep farm raises 10,000 sheep, and 100 sheep in a row of sheep sheds have symptoms of disease. When I got to this row of sheep, I wondered what the disease was? How could it be cured? I took the sick sheep to conduct tests everywhere... What about the other 99 rows of sheep in the sheep barn? Almost completely ignored, just normal feeding.

   Cheng Jianguo suggested that if a sick sheep is found, first isolate it to see if there is any value in treatment. If it falls into the following 5 situations, it is best to eliminate it directly: incurable, high cost of treatment, time-consuming and labor-intensive treatment, after cure Those with low economic value, but highly contagious. Secondly, if it has therapeutic value and is a chronic disease, provide sheep with more comfortable living conditions than normal sheep houses, such as house temperature, water temperature, feed and so on. The most important point is to ensure that healthy sheep are not infected.

   Only by 'taking sheep as the foundation' and making the sheep feel comfortable, can you raise a healthy sheep, and the sheep can create greater benefits for you.
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