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by:Desing      2020-03-30
Inverted bucket scales: inverted bucket scale features: stable precision, oil drum 2 m tall, all electric energy operating product features: all-electric inverted bucket, bucket Angle of 360 degrees; Inverted bucket diameter of 50-80 cm; Belt wheel, convenient to move; High lifting height 2 meters; Used to transport and loading pot electronic scale metering safe handling of dangerous goods, moving and weighing operation of hydraulic operating at the same time weighing platform is composed of hydraulic handling agencies and weighing weighing platform lift, artificial implementation of electric hydraulic drive vehicle running surface adopt strict environmental protection coating processing link, has many characteristics, such as anti-corrosion, rust; Take oil cylinder, with lifting, falling and moving, and other functions; According to structure design for our own. Single sensor, and solve the inverted bucket said weighing on the market is not stable, low accuracy. Different instrument equipped with different meter boxes, meter boxes design not only beautiful body, more to protect the instrument in the handling of collisions. Inverted bucket scale parameters: high precision A/D conversion, readability 1/30000; Calling code display is convenient, farmar, alternative sense of observation and analysis of tolerance; Special software technology, enhance the system's ability to resist vibration; Zero tracking range, zero ( Boot/manual) Scope, can be set up respectively; Digital filtering speed, amplitude and the stable time can be set up; For power-off protection) A variety of backlight model can choose; Can be random charging; With undervoltage directives and protection device; Random configuration 6 v / 4 ah maintenance-free battery. After-sales service: A, pre-sale: 1, according to the customer request real quotation for customers, and customers have special requirements in A timely manner to record feedback; 2, conclude a contract for the specification of product order, clear responsibilities and other related matters; 3, offer one year free warranty, life-long maintenance service, responsible for debugging good product before shipment; B, after-sale: 1, if the customer product failure, the first one time to solve the problem for you in the Shanghai area, other place by the contact of the service to provide you with solutions; 2, during the warranty period, the product maintenance free, more than warranty period, also can provide maintenance, if the replacement parts, product parts according to the cost price.
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