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tips for milking equipment

tips for milking equipment


Sanitation of milking equipment

In order to create a clean and comfortable milking environment for the cows, the dirty milking equipment will only pollute the pipes and directly affect the milk quality.

During milking operations, keep the milking equipment including the floor, milking countertops, milking equipment and ancillary facilities clean at all times and minimize sources of contamination near and near the milking equipment.

Staff health for cow milking

Each milker is required to wear clean and tidy work clothes and to regularly remove stains from protective equipment such as gloves, rain shoes, aprons and sleeves to reduce pollution sources.

Establish complete information recordsof cow milking equipment operation:

The complete information record will provide reliable data for the feeding, breeding and veterinary departments, and is of important reference value for the rational grouping, feeding, breeding and breeding of pastures.

The following data about cow milking machine can be recorded and collated by milking equipment:

The design of the concentrate warehouse depends on whether the milking equipment is equipped with feed processing units. For a dairy farm with 1000 heads of storage, if there are feed processing units, the size of the processing room is 18x12m.

Calculation of the size of the raw material warehouse: reserve the usage for 2 months, calculate by 3kg per cow per day, wholesale of milking equipment, calculate by 700kg per cubic meter of raw material weight, milking equipment manufacturer, place height of S1.5m, place area of 50% of the area in the warehouse.

Calculation of the size of finished product warehouse: the storage capacity is 7 days (10 days is ok), other data is the same as the raw material warehouse.

Now the design of the pasture are using TMR equipment, it has its own mixing function, so - generally no longer need to concentrate processing units.


Preparation before machine milking

Before each milking, milkers should do personal hygiene, wear gloves and masks as required.

Milk test cup, towel, fake to use disinfectant immersion disinfection can be used.

Check and test The milker first checks the condition of the cow and any abnormality before the cow takes the stage.

The first three milk check milk is abnormal, there is no blood milk, there is no clot, there is no white spot water abnormal.

After finishing the medicine bath, you should wipe with the sterilized towel. In the process of wiping, you should not use too much force so as not to stimulate the cow to release the hormone normally. After wiping, you should keep the product clean and round.

Wipe in accordance with the left front - right front - left after - right after the order.

Cow milking equipment processing matters milk quality, more info about cow equipment, contact Desing cow equipment factory. 

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