Two beat type for the cow milking machine milking principle

by:Desing      2020-03-18
The cow milking machine consists of vacuum pumps and milking machine of two parts. There are two beat and three type two kinds. Around in the early 1950 s, we adopt three beats, presently adopted two beats type more. Below everybody know about the cow milking machine two beats principle. The so-called second beat, is the cow milking machine in away, two beats in a beat. A beat is sucking, at this time between the nipple and wall interior is vacuum, rubber set in a normal state. Because the nipple inside the tube and nipples chamber, the pressure difference between the papillary sphincter open, milk is sucked nipple chamber, and then flow into the milk bucket ( Or storage tank) 。 Room 2 beat is pressed when the nipple is still in the vacuum state, whereas in the wall between the indoor into the air, the rubber sleeve is compressed by the pressure differential between the two rooms, sphincter closed, milk stopped flowing. Crush the tempo is the purpose of to massage the nipples with squeezing method, to restore the sucking rhythm by suppression of nipple blood circulation. Two frequency beat in the pulse of the milking machine for 48 ~ 60 times/min. In a pulse time, sucking squeezing beat and beat the ratio is 1:1, is also adjustable for 2:8 then or now. With the beat of milk cow milking machine, nipple is always under the vacuum, the milk mouth ( The milk cup) Will gradually meet the nipple and breast, in crowded after 3 ~ 4 min, while net haven't milk the cow, but communication is blocked because of nipple and breast, and thus stop the milk, easy to produce the milk is not easy to squeeze all faults. But since there is no rest, so the milking speed is faster than the three-beat type. Two beat the cow milking machine when is between casing and casing in the shell in a vacuum, milk will come out from pipe nipple is sucked, when milking vacuum cup inside the casing, and not between casing and casing in a vacuum, nipple to stop line of milk and a resting state. Casing is in normal work, maintain the vacuum, and due to the fluctuating between casing and casing in device, the control of vacuum, and filled with air.
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