Two keys for the safe use of milking machine

by:Desing      2020-03-23
Milking machine is suitable for the body healthy, the structure of the breast and the cow nipple size fit the thickness and length is suitable for cows. Milking machine principle is imitation calf suck the milk of the physiological action, pulsator produce milk and break beats, air set with holes into the collection of milk, in order to help the milk from the collection of milk to milk duct. Cow is not healthy, will not be able to squeeze out the high quality of milk. Now look at it safe operating points. 1. Milking machine debugging and cleaning and sanitation. All milking machine before the operation should be a serious debugging, and can be put into use after cleaning. Must first before milking the milking machine is washed with 40 ℃ hot water circulation pipe, milk bottle, metering, milk, milk cup lining and sets the milk cans of milk components such as 3 - 5 minutes, to ensure that the health condition of working parts conform to the requirements. 2. Adjust the milking machine vacuum pressure and pulse frequency. Milking machine vacuum pressure and the pulsation frequency are two important performance parameters, must check and adjust the time. In general, all kinds of vacuum milking machine work pressure of 50000 mpa, pulse frequency is 60 times/min. Using mechanical milking cows health is very important. Use milking machine must be on the basis of providing equipment manufacturers, combined with the actual conditions of the users themselves, meticulous, strictly formulated high maneuverability, quantification of operational procedures, as far as possible dairy farmers, dairy farms and village, the number of cows should be according to their respective site actual condition such as size, financing ability and raising reasonable milking machine varieties and types of choose and buy.
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