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by:Desing      2020-04-02
Machinery technology co. , LTD. Concentrate on the clean dish perfect solution, welcome you to visit the website and learn more about cleaning plate of relevant information, understand use clean dish the note, Tel:. Reading on the evening of 7 July 19, HP China brand department employees press 'send' button, the company's organization structure adjustment and job cuts, 10000, 4500 news officially sent to the Chinese media for the first time. In fact, most of the HP China staff already know the news on the Internet in the morning, because the new chief executive mark hurd took office four months ago, Wall Street, the voice of the HP layoffs will never stop. On the other side of the ocean has released the same influence on China HP's nerve, it emerged that 28 session of China's architecture and layoffs will launch. I've been around, because colleagues didn't receive the company's contract extension, and left. 'A sales staff said on condition of anonymity, working in foreign company, you must be mentally prepared. This is the structure adjustment of the world's HP compaq merger and acquisition, can be said to be heard in the first round of preheating, can also be in the age of say officially kicked off the hurd. In the kali age loss ', mark hurd iron, referred to as the residual is very low-key, so many years immersed in older employees of HP culture think more HP, he work in an orderly way, low-key. Compared with the dazzling Carrie, he does not love vacationing, even on June 20, he made a special trip to China to celebrate the Chinese packard hewlett's twentieth birthday, in addition to sina, all the requirements of other Chinese media interviews, have been turned off. Nothing is more important than satisfy customers, 'said Mr Hurd, his opponent. And then a short trip to China, he really just met with the government agencies, and make an appointment with the customer's important in the Chinese market. In front of the open source and throttling, HP's new head chose the latter. 'Spending $1. 9 billion a year, can be used to improve the commercial and r&d investment, defended the hurd for their great work. For hurd to management than his original position of the enterprise more than ten times, HP's difficult situation, it is hard to imagine the difficulties. HP today is neither of the last century 30 s garage startup, it is also different from small-scale production equipment company in the 1950 s, the second as the world's largest technology companies, HP is at the intersection of their own development, now completely by the owner or to the left to the right direction. Announced a new restructuring plan, hurd first knife KanXiang bloated organizational structure. According to HP's official statement, which is the purpose of the sales team closer to the customer, the HP large enterprise original charge, small and medium-sized enterprises and public customers, south bo group's sales and other related functional sales directly incorporated into the TSG, interpublic and PSG, and three independent industry services group. 'HP will management structure will be a greater reduction, TSG will support the reform of public utilities and large enterprise customers, interpublic is mainly responsible for consumers, and PSG is responsible for the small and medium-sized enterprises. Hurd said, 'so the purpose of war is to make the frame more flat, work efficiency is higher. A total of 4 pages: the 1234 - page on the next page this news source: http://www. shandongjinaiji。 com/news/19。 aspx
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