Use milking machine accessories should master four kinds of speed regulation technique

by:Desing      2020-03-19
The use of any machine we all hope that the smooth and efficient work, so as not to cause the failure of the machine. Actually milking machine parts in use is not exceptional also, for the purpose of the speed control is to allow more smoothly the work, reduce the pain of cows. Then the master control mode is what? 1, loss power control, increase the droop of milking machine accessories, speed is low efficiency and energy dissipation type speed control. 2, milking machine accessories electromagnetic power control and the changing is milking machine accessories ideal no-load speed, speed regulation is high efficiency energy saving control of motor speed. 3, frequency control of motor speed, this method is scientific, and the milking machine accessories method and performance of speed adjustment and speed regulating mechanism closely linked, indicate the development direction of the speed control. 4, reduce the speed of the milking machine accessories, as we all know, speed universal expression for the difference between the ideal no-load rotation speed and droop, all speed regulation method due to power control principle. If mastered the speed regulating technique of milking equipment, will be able to relax the cows better, so as to make the work of ascension.
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