Vacuum pump electric dual-use double barrels of oil the cow milking machine company's future market prospects for progress and analysis

by:Desing      2020-04-06
Mechanical technology co. , LTD. Is committed to electric vacuum pump oil dual-use double barrel cow milking machine high quality guidance, to understand other related, pay attention to site for electric vacuum pump oil dual-use double barrel cow milking machine related content, understand the vacuum pump oil electric dual-use double barrel cow milking machine company future progress and prospect of market analysis, Tel:. Reading before 2005, the ThinkPad is a portable computer brand IBMPC divided, with the advanced technology in the industry enjoys a good reputation and quality for the 'super stability and authority of the business elite, performance wise choice'. Lenovo group after the acquisition of IBMPC department, ThinkPad logo all. At present, used in IBM's trademark deadline approaching, IBM, lenovo began to give up but the company keep its deputy ThinkPad brand, and upgrade the main brand. Lenovo reserves ibmthinkpad consistent style, let a person feel or the quality of the IBM and lenovo, are also very cleverly put the mouse on the ThinkPad logo 'I' little red riding hood, ThinkPad logo appears more vivid, these undoubtedly is wonderful. However, the author thinks that, lenovo's ThinkPad brand integration process is also questionable. A sign of lenovo 'ThinkPad laptop on the lower right corner of the screen to start in lenovo lenovo, presumably to tell consumers that notebook computer maker lenovo, guarantee or recognition, support the ThinkPad, earning the trust of consumers. However, ThinkPad and lenovo from wise? As is known to all, the ThinkPad laptop's personality is the 'super stable, authority, intelligent and mature business elite'. ThinkPad, with its strong and reliable high-end brand image. ThinkPad promotional text: 'from the date of birth, the ThinkPad and thought are inseparable. In the past 15 years, the innovation of the ThinkPad, make each ThinkPad has become a cutting-edge technology and the perfect combination of classic inner quality. ThinkPad ding level services and software drive future with you. 'Many businesses to buy ThinkPad laptop, because it is stable and reliable quality, on the other hand also because it gives a person a kind of authority and wisdom and psychology meet glory. However, in the minds of consumers, lenovo is a cheap and practical notebook, 'lenovo' appear in the ThinkPad laptop, not only can't support the ThinkPad's high-end brand image, but it will also make the ThinkPad greatly reduced sense of authority. The impact is not possible in a short period of time, obviously, for a long time will dilute the ThinkPad's high-end brand image. In fact, there are a lot of IBM ThinkPad and associations in the same stage of the fans sad, and even computer because consumers give up buying IBM ThinkPad series. In dealing with the problem of building brands, many successful brand experience is worth learning, they are different brands of large enterprises under the different class, often to take every related strategy, keep pure and noble quality of high-end brands. Jaguar, for example, ford holdings ( The same) , it is unwise to ford the world propaganda puma is ford brand, rather than a 'ford' logo on the puma, for fear of their own image can destroy ford puma clever temperament and perfect English. In addition, a series of marketing strategy of ThinkPad is unwise. ThinkPad to launch $5999 laptop, lenovo's store sales began to vigorously ThinkPad. Although lenovo's low price strategy can also promote direct sales, but it is the ThinkPad high-end image dilution, ThinkPad can become wisdom 'in the long term, authority, mature business elite choice'? In fact, the low-end market attack lenovo can rely on, why must use a computer? Brand management is the enterprise survival and development, the relationship between lenovo ThinkPad to adopt a series of brand strategy is worthy of thinking deeply. This news source: http://www. shandongjinaiji。 com/news/31。 aspx
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