Varieties and properties of white carbon black for rubber floor production, the influence of rubber - Rubber floor - Anti-static rubber sheet - Rubber - cow mattress Cows lie

by:Desing      2020-05-04
Varieties and properties of white carbon black for rubber floor production varieties and classification method of the influence of carbon black carbon black is the main reinforcing agent of rubber industry. To adapt to the development of rubber industry, people have developed dozens of kinds of specifications and grades. Used to have the frontal method according to the points, also have according to the function points, more confusion. The ASTM - later development 1765 the new classification method. Before the emergence of this method over classification chaos, lack of scientific characterization of carbon black, but the downside is not reflect the structure of carbon black. Carbon black several classification methods are as follows: according to the manufacturing method has the contact method of carbon black, furnace black, carbon black cracking method, new technology of carbon black; According to the function points are hard carbon black, soft carbon black; According to the ASTM standard classification. As the years committed to rubber products export enterprise, the influence of carbon black on rubber processing performance, we also have some views. Properties, such as size, structure and surface properties of carbon black has important influence on rubber processing performance, performance in mixing, rolling, extrusion, and in each technological process of sulfide and mixing on the rheological properties of rubber. As a high-grade rubber floor, wear resistant material used in public places in recent years played an important role in the construction of public utilities. Its high wear resistance, beautiful, no odor characteristics, by subway stream, such as museums, hospitals, have certain requirements of environmental protection. Of white carbon black has played a large role, especially in the wear resistance of rubber floor, increase tensile strength, hardness, the effect is very obvious, is indispensable material.
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