Walk a horse machine use

by:Desing      2020-04-01
This is circular fence, points outside the fan rotating device, is used to temper the horse. Each has its own position and outer turned down the walk a horse. Walk a horse machine has a variety of ways and specifications, the general practice is inclusive 4 - Six horses. Sometimes walk a horse machine cover, settle in the middle of the flat dry. The runway must pass expert inspection, to ensure that the consolidation and appropriate, due to walk a horse machine to reduce labor, so widely used in light and short time of training. Horse once conform to this way, a few horse to run at the same time, walk a horse machine using the main purpose is: racecourse equipment warm-up before training; The tension after training the racecourse equipment hanging body; The horse to stretch out their legs while at rest; When out the stable that horse stables. Change the way the horse stable movement, especially in the field without the corresponding stable training equipment to meet the demand of horse in the outdoors. Walk a horse machine not only only is a supplement to the horse's training equipment, rather than let the horse stable monotonously, endless walk a horse machine in motion. If the horse did not experience might consciousness is bad, sometimes there will be a risk. But the only people who are careful to take care of, there is no problem. With this equipment training a horse is very useful, especially in the large field of activity. The horse must never be unmanned when walk a horse machine movement.
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