Want good rubber products from source fluctuation kongfu

by:Desing      2020-04-12
The Thai rubber kraal mat think, want to get a good rubber products than from source fluctuation kongfu, access to quality of rubber raw material is the first step in the production of rubber products. How to obtain high quality rubber raw materials? Rubber in China is more than 1600, ten thousand mu of cultivated area, there are half in hainan, this has always been rubber in hainan agriculture and occupy a big proportion of the economy. Rubber price is increasing in recent years, rubber for the benefits of the peasants is also more and more big, mostly involving rubber technology innovations will be scrutinized by the broad masses of farmers. At present, the rubber technology research and development aspects has the lead in the world, but the overall comprehensive strength is inferior to Malaysia. Learned, also has a rubber in yunnan and guangdong multiple rubber technology field station, yunnan day and night temperature difference is big, the land is fertile, glue production yield than in hainan by more than 10%. Hainan planting area is large, and the sun, however, because of the influence of the typhoon, often make the rubber farmers work destroyed for many years, it also forced the rubber by the experts in a variety of research and development. Today, they launched '73397' hot etc varieties have typhoon resistance character, glue production quantity is high, is very popular with farmers. Rubber is one of the leading industry and the important economic source of local farmers, rubber technology is directly related to the farmers' income. Just by China ReKeYuan hainan together related units to start spring private rubber technical training tour action is concerned, the farmers called 'timely rain' popularization of science and technology. Rubber research institute, Chinese academy of tropical agriculture, national natural rubber industrial technology system, chief expert hua-sun huang said: 'the technology of rubber industry influence is very big, not to advance is to go back, for we are support, farmers are very trust to us, so we're going to really deserve the support and credit. 'Rubber kraal pad ( www。 syaotai。 com/) Sorting report. Related: why shockproof rubber kraal pad sell like hot cakes
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