Want to choose and buy high quality electronic scale from which place to start

by:Desing      2020-03-27
Electronic scale is a product of people's use. So friends electronic scale when the choose and buy must have, after all, as we now electronic scale has been the public demand, increasing the functions of style, so in a variety of electronic scales, we want to buy a high quality electronic scale from where to begin? Let us take a look at below. In response to promote the building of ecological civilization in our country's basic national policy, environmental protection and the technology of electronic scales are summarized in this paper, from the environmental protection of electronic loadometer industry, combined with the electronic scale, product design and application in green development concept the latest development and application of technology of the electronic scales. In the process of manufacturing industry of our country electronic scale control of pollutant discharge, encourage enterprises to strengthen environmental management, encourage enterprises in the production and business activities of considering the influence of the environment, the enhancement enterprise staff's environmental awareness, encourage enterprises to save energy, use of recycled waste, reduce operating costs, make the enterprise gain access to the international market & other; Green passport & throughout; 。 In the current domestic electronic scale big projects bidding, in addition to the requirements of ISO9000 total quality management system certification, ISO14000 environmental management system certification requirements has become one of the necessary conditions. The good news is that the electronic scale in the industry has now passed ISO14000 environmental protection system certification of enterprises more and more. Electronic scale on market variety, quality is uneven, so how do we choose the high quality electronic scale? 1, electronic scales, precision depends on the precision of the sensors, sensor used by electronic loadometer named cantilever beam sensors, electronic platform scale using sensors is also a cantilever beam type sensor, but generally electronic platform scale using only one sensor, using general accuracy can do 1/15000, high can do 1/30000, 1/60000! Use four sensors and electronic loadometer, doomed to reach so high precision electronic loadometer, normally only do 1/5000, this is the use of domestic sensor, 1/5000 is the best use effect here said, a lot of people think that using electronic loadometer, must be the higher precision, the better, many manufacturers seize the users of the psychological, shoddy, to do precision, such as electronic loadometer in early can, but use a period of time error is very big, it is better to low accuracy of accurate, not only spent money, also cannot achieve good weighing effect. 2, electronic precision depends on the weighing scale display, as we all know, different price of the instrument in function, the most important is the gap between the hardware configuration, like building a house, the foundation is solid, covered with the floor is strong, in the same way, high accuracy is established on the basis of high configuration, without a good instrument hardware support, make up, even if the precision stability and repeatability are also cannot achieve! 3, electronic scale accuracy depends on the thickness of the scale body, electronic loadometer according to scale structure is divided into single electronic loadometer and double electronic loadometer, double electronic loadometer doomed unable to achieve high accuracy, so when the choice according to the required to determine the purchase of electronic loadometer weighing products, only suitable for your own electronic loadometer, not blindly pursue high precision! To sum up, only the most suitable for electronic scale, not the highest precision electronic scale! Today is these content, thank you for your always support! In this paper, by the Shanghai heng just instrumentation electronic scale small make up to arrange to provide, we also recommend for you: how to solve the electronic scale line?
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