Was to take off, express the youth - — Two green equestrian games will go smoothly

by:Desing      2020-03-29
On August 2, the second national youth games equestrian and horse racing events in shanxi yulong international equestrian club officially kicked off. After various provinces, autonomous regions, as well as the club's qualifying pageant, stand out from the youth rider will be in August 2 - 9 during the gathering of shanxi youyu, dressage, barrier dysfunction, triathlon and horse racing four projects of competing groups and individuals. This is a completely belongs to the national large equestrian events of teenagers, and equestrian events are on the green Olympics games for the first time. Dozens of holding Chinese equestrian association certification 'rider level certificate' young riders on behalf of the provinces, the club will, with youth and dreams riding life. Participating the rider is divided into a/b two groups according to age, in which students' age is 16 - 19 years old, in 12 b - 15 one full year of life. Format, field jumping in the final, the team first obstacle height is 100 cm, in individual events of 110 cm; Barrier height for team b 80 cm, the individual is 90 cm. Dressage competition finals, first division team to FEI ( The international horse) Contestants who challenge level preparatory course, FEI, challenge the primary subject; In team b for at the beginning of FEI's level in the course, individuals prepare for FEI challenge level subjects. FEI, motocross held three days, dressage challenge dance fence prepare level subjects, in the implementation of FEI's cross country level 3, ground barrier height is 90 cm. 'Rookie' rise, xinjiang in a year of dressage training group gold medal fence small riders, some grow on horseback, at an early age has more than ten years experience of riding; Others are just beginning to contact equestrian, jing full in the national contest. Won the second green be gold on behalf of xinjiang four small riders Eric kuti, jiang Abby cloth, male, cob, mehmet, OuYangJinRui, Zhao Yuexuan belongs to 'talent' in the latter. On August 2, sports schools in dressage team b, they in 206. 823 total score to win the champion for two green equestrian events before the first world war one. Xinjiang Liu Zhong coach, said the four small players although equestrian contact time is not long, but the training hard, is 'potential shares' of the team. 'I was very happy with the performance of four children. Among them a 12 years old, a 13 years old, and two at the age of 15, including Eric kuti jiang and OuYangJinRui riding a year, comes from the achievement for such a training efforts and accumulation of at ordinary times, this time in the game played their training level. 'Said liu coach. Challenges across a match, let the youth without regret in the game, there are many small riders choose 'crossover' - — They except for their special, also sign up for a second equestrian events, and in the second project is bright eye achievements. 13 small riders from star adjust good equestrian Shi Zhi let is the actual combat experience jumping rider, FEI, she had 2018 children's classic 110 cm level group championship finals. In the qing yun will be the first day of competition, she took part in the dance group game crossover, together with the players Li Mufei, Qian Yuting help capture dance team in shanxi silver medal. It is understood that in order to play obstacles and dance at the same time, Shi Zhi passing grade card, earning the dance moves ahead of time and have been actively preparing for training before the game. Also 'crossover' dance moves and well-known teenagers obstacle rider stone tianyang, ZhangYiFan, slide the early yuan, their team as a representative of the baoding city sports school power in sports schools in hebei province students' dressage team finished fourth. Two green will, found the future of the Chinese equestrian is added the green Olympics games equestrian sport this year, the first year of a new generation of excellent equestrian riders from all over the country have the chance to belong to them to show themselves on the pitch. In the game, the small riders in the same field to warm up and competing, communicate with each other to learn, and the joy of the game of equestrian sport, friendship, and team honor; 'To the best of my ability, not hold. Enjoy the present, looking to the future. 'From guangdong youth rider XiaoQi when it comes to expect for the game, and said, she is just the end of the 2019 national equestrian venue youth championship 110 cm level competition third place with horses' stupid '. Two green will be for her, is a party, between the rider is a hard experience, is also a stage to make my dream come true. 'Every time is challenging all the way, this time, I want to do myself. 'Like XiaoQi, more positive youth small riders are to cut the force of bamboo again onto the road of knights, they try and stick to also give Chinese equestrian new vitality.
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