Waste rubber how resource recycling

by:Desing      2020-04-15
Waste rubber is a kind of solid waste, waste rubber is very common in life ~ ~ how to do resource recycling? Rubber kraal pad below small make up in details for all of us! There are two main sources: rubber scrap rubber products, such as tires, tape, rubber hose, rubber, kraal mat, rubber shoes and industrial groceries, etc. , which is given priority to with waste tires; In addition to rubber factory in rubber products production process of tailings and waste material. The use of waste rubber main points directly use and physical chemistry processing two kinds big. Direct use is mainly used in tire renovation, water and soil conservation, ship fender, industrial rubber stall MATS, sports entertainment, orbital buffer and construction with ash bucket, etc. Physical and chemical processing mainly for the production of rubber powder, reclaimed rubber, rubber asphalt, thermal cracking and directly used as fuel, etc. China is a rubber applied power, current year nearly 6 million t consume raw rubber, first in the world, is also a rubber resources shortage countries, almost every year about 45% of the need to import rubber consumption, and a short period of time that it is difficult to change. Deal with waste rubber, therefore, to make full use of renewable resources, short of natural resources, reduce environmental pollution, improve our living environment is of great significance. Resources use again in domestic waste rubber powder is the main direction and reclaimed rubber production application.
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