Watching the exercise of milking equipment

by:Desing      2020-04-04
Mechanical technology co. , LTD. To effective solutions to our customers realize the milking equipment, welcome to visit website, pay more attention to do the milking equipment related information, understanding exercise look at issues of milking equipment, contact phone number:. Reading - - - - - - - And founder group chairman wei] of enterprise innovation and diversification of risk We must emphasis on independent research and development of the enterprise, but for the core technology is not necessarily confined to completely independent research and development. As a developing country enterprise, is more advantageous to an open system innovation, which can be used to cut straight to the industrial chain of high value-added industries, get the core technology for their own use. But in order to realize the innovation, the enterprise itself must have some sort of technical research and development ability, long-term accumulation of management innovation ability and deep insight into the development trend of industry. The realization of the two kinds of innovation must be established on the basis of innovation ability is not the first Chinese manufacturing must rely on the industry of large domestic market and broad depth. Through mergers and acquisitions means to move quickly on the industry value chain, is arranged in the high-end, high production efficiency and low cost high value link to gain economies of scale, to provide your own brand for the global standardized product] Technology for the domestic commercial Banks, is to see what see, not to feel virtual. When I realized that our financial environment is not very good high-tech companies, I decided to adjust the structure of our assets, so as to adapt to the current financial environment. Us into the iron and steel, pharmaceutical and other industries, the founder of the financial strategic investment significance of 'entrepreneurial innovation and risk investment idea is similar, the evaluation should be comprehensive evaluation for entrepreneurs, if all the investment is positive, the work chain at the end of 2001, wei new white is group. Wei Xin exceeded all expectations, the 'light' of 'change' in the office. In three shots of the 2003 series, founder group in the field of finance, medicine, steel three externalization cloth: in early 2003, founder spend 3 billion yuan, acquisition of southwest synthetic pharmaceutical factory, has a 70% stake, as a result of the southwest synthesis is the synthesis of ( Stock code: 000788) Shareholders, the founder of the be st synthesis of actual control. In the same year, in July, founder for the price of 2 million yuan, 90% stake in suzhou iron and steel group; Increase in September 2003, the founder of wuhan control investment securities investment company, which is, in fact, at one stroke to the three major financial institutions to buy of wuhan city, wuhan, wuhan, wuhan international trust &investment securities by l/c. In April this year, Wei Xin in 2003 was named China's top ten m&a. When Wei Xin shoot from the outside world, has cried, don't understand, the founder of the in the face of the question. Founder launched this year 'the crystal plan' to explain their 'professional diversification strategy on the basis of'. Although no longer standing on the platform 'preaching' and 'tuition', but, still want to everyone 'doubt on November 28, 2004, the Chinese enterprise innovation will be held in Beijing. The theme of the conference this year is 'China welcomes' the third wave of new innovation ', its characteristic is 'open innovation'. Chinese enterprises should win high growth through innovation. At this meeting, the founder Wei Xin again from the perspective of 'innovation' to explain the founder of the road. Who proposed the new 18 years of development, through independent research and development original founder technology, capital of the technical architecture innovation, mergers and acquisitions ( Mergers and acquisitions) Type of high-end industry chain extension, integrated platform to build a new industrial chain of the four 'innovation model', in an interview after the meeting, new> founder from the Angle of innovation strategy. A total of nine pages: the 123456789 - page on the next page this news source: http://www. shandongjinaiji。 com/news/16。 aspx
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