We pay attention to when disassembling the electronic scale

by:Desing      2020-03-27
We all know that our electronic scale back home may be need to install some of choose and buy. So hard to avoid some unfamiliar partners appear in the installation of electronic scales of some electronic scale details installation errors. At this time we will need to remove the electronic scale. I believe that a lot of friend in many of the products of choose and buy when the above note, do not tear open outfit freely. Today electronic scale small make up to bring us is that we this article when disassembling the electronic scale should pay attention to what. As long as you pay attention to these problems when disassembling or can try to remove it. Take a look at details. Step one: look over each weighing sensor signal lines, loose from the junction box, and make corresponding records, when installed in the future, also want to be loaded on the junction box of the original position. Signal lines shall not be cut off. Pack up again to the main line also. Step 2: remove the two physical connection between the screw, with vertical and horizontal. Step 3: packed scales of steel ball, steel shot and steel grit pads and corresponding thin plate gasket. In the process of lifting and transportation, good attention to tighten the corresponding sensor signal lines, avoid crushed and broken. Should avoid weighing sensor in the process of dismantling lifting tamper with. Do more than a few steps, electronic scale removal work to be done in order to be eligible, but not graph save trouble, all the sensor signal lines cut such as improper handling, if such processing will be used for future weighing a lot of trouble. One to the rainy day, signal if the water joint electronic scale will be out of order. When installing, the corresponding first put on each Angle steel shot pads, steel shot, and the steel ball, put the master station, put slave again, at the same time the corresponding connection screw tightening up, touch the ball again whether compaction, whether the location in the center of the weighing sensor, if need to adjust the jie, jack for the position effect is, using the movement of the ball effect, can get the effect of four two dial one thousand jins. Scale body parts after installation of connection, each line of the weighing sensor, receives electronic combination box, be careful to remove the position of the former to original. Connection is good, then do the corresponding Angle error calibration adjustment, installation work come to an end. Through the understanding of the above content, everyone for us this article when disassembling the electronic scale should pay attention to what already familiar with. Today is these small make up to bring the content. In this paper, by the Shanghai heng electronic scale small make up finishing just instrument co. , LTD. , thanks for your support! If you still want to know: 5 tons of electronic scale environmental adaptation ability?
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