Wear-resisting rubber kraal mat the purpose and role

by:Desing      2020-04-12
According to insulation rubber kraal pad small make up to know, wear-resisting rubber sheet in English translation: Wear - Resisting rubber board, nitrile or neoprene as the main materials ( Can contain fabric, metal sheet and other reinforcing material) , made by vulcanization with a certain thickness and relatively large area of sheet products, referred to as 'oil resistant rubber sheet or nitrile/neoprene kraal pad. Wear-resisting rubber sheet generally refers to by the emulsion polymerization of butadiene and acrylonitrile by random copolymer, also including adding small amounts of the third monomer modified varieties. Wear-resisting rubber sheet is by 2 - Chlorine - 1, 3 - Made by the emulsion polymerization of butadiene homopolymer, namely polychloroprene rubber. Wear-resisting rubber sheet of light resistance, oil resistance, heat resistance, aging resistance, chemical corrosion resistance is superior to natural rubber, especially ozone aging resistance, weather resistance, flame resistance is more outstanding, therefore neoprene kraal pad not only has oil resistance is flame retardant performance. Oil resistant rubber kraal mat is made by mixing the calender joint molding or extrusion molding, using plate vulcanizing press vulcanization or drum continuous vulcanization vulcanizing machine made. Color: black, grey, green, blue, etc. USES: widely used in electronic, thermal aging, used as oil seal. 2 specifications specifications: 1 ~ 80 mm x 500 ~ 2000 mm; Performance: - operating temperature 10~60℃; In the oil ( Oil, diesel oil, petrol, lubricating oil) Medium to work with sealing and swelling resistance; USES: used in punch all kinds of resistance to oil, oil seal, seal, circle contact with grease class workbench, the laid of the ground, the electronic product place; Design: special specifications and special technical requirements of products, according to customer needs, the formula design for you, meet your requirements; Packing: in the film, woven bag outside fixed-length or quantitative packaging. 3 categories 1, according to whether the clip medium, can be divided into pure gum rubber sheet and fabric, with steel skeleton layer varieties such as rubber sheet; 2, according to the purposes, can be divided into industrial rubber sheet and rubber floor. 3, according to the physical and chemical properties, can be divided into: fabric rubber byre, patch rubber stall MATS, rubber insulation kraal pad, oil resistant rubber kraal pad, acid and alkali resistant rubber kraal stall, striped antiskid rubber MATS, squares, non-slip rubber byre, round buckle non-slip rubber stall MATS, anti-corrosion lining 4, according to the color and surface treatment, can be divided into: black rubber byre, green rubber stall MATS, red rubber kraal pad, white rubber byre, yellow rubber stall MATS, blue rubber byre, gray rubber stall MATS, rubber cloth kraal pad, ultra wide rubber kraal 4 rubber stable MATS national standard GB/T5574; GB/T528- 1998; GB / T3512 - 1989; GB / T531 - 1992
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