Wear-resisting rubber kraal pad looks like?

by:Desing      2020-04-12
Rubber kraal mat type zha so much? Is asbestos rubber stall MATS after a while, a moment is insulated rubber kraal pad, the wear-resisting rubber kraal mat what kind? What's different? Oil resistant rubber kraal mat English translation: oil - 抗胶板; 石油 耐橡胶板。 Nitrile or neoprene as the main materials ( Can contain fabric, metal sheet and other reinforcing material) , made by vulcanization with a certain thickness and relatively large area of sheet products, referred to as 'oil resistant rubber sheet or nitrile/neoprene kraal pad. NBR generally refers to by the emulsion polymerization of butadiene and acrylonitrile by random copolymer, also including adding small amounts of the third monomer modified varieties. The characteristics of NBR is oil resistant. Neoprene is by 2 - Chlorine - 1, 3 - Made by the emulsion polymerization of butadiene homopolymer, namely polychloroprene rubber. Neoprene light resistance, oil resistance, heat resistance, ageing resistance, resistance to chemical corrosion resistance is superior to natural rubber, especially ozone aging resistance, weather resistance, flame resistance is more outstanding, therefore neoprene kraal pad not only has oil resistance is flame retardant performance. Oil resistant rubber kraal mat is made by mixing the calender joint molding or extrusion molding, using plate vulcanizing press vulcanization or drum continuous vulcanization vulcanizing machine made. Color: black, grey, green, blue, etc. According to Mr Tai insulation rubber kraal pad, wear-resisting rubber kraal mat widely used, is now widely used in electronic, thermal aging, used as oil seal. Related: Mr Tay with your family visit rubber kraal pad
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