What about the lead time of livestock panels from placing a order to delivery?
Lead Time is an important factor in Qingdao Desing Farming Technology Co.,Ltd. for customer satisfaction. For our customers, the lead time is the time between the order and the scheduled pick-up or delivery confirmed in accordance with our terms and conditions. It depends on the customer and the product. We are able to provide accurate lead times as we have the ability to source, manufacture and assemble internally. And we have good equipment and employee availability. It includes solid total productive maintenance, robust quality systems, proper staffing levels, etc.

Over the years, Desing has evolved into a major livestock handling equipment manufacturer in China. We have been recognized as a reliable one in the industry. The sheep equipment series is one of the main products of Desing. This series of livestock fence panels combines the characteristics of horse fence panel and horse fence panel. The utilization of the product makes livestock management easier and safer. Desing is a company that engages in manufacturing and producing superior quality range of cow equipment. The specifications of the product can be customized based on needs.

We adopt eco-friendly manufacturing approach. We try to produce products that are made as little as possible from harmful chemicals and toxic compounds, so as to eliminate the harmful emissions to the environment.
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