What about the scale of Desing?
Qingdao Desing Farming Technology Co.,Ltd. is a firm of strong competitiveness, thanks to the scaled mill and considerable production capability. The company performance is supported by faithful workers. They hold fast to their positions. We've established stable partnerships with material providers and products forwarders. This is excellent for business scale growth.

Over the years, Desing has been producing livestock fence panels. So far, we have been regarded as a reliable manufacturer in the industry. The livestock fence panels series is one of the main products of Desing. The quality test for Desing sheep handling equipment must be conducted. It has to go through a check for start-up and pause performance before delivery. It is equipped with a locked gate that can prevent the animals from escaping. our team is specialized in livestock equipment sale that we are offering it at reasonable price in order to realize a win-win strategy worldwide. It is specially engineered for strength and durability under all weather conditions.

We work to maintain the highest standards of ethical behavior in all of our dealings with our customers, our suppliers, and each other.
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