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What accessories are for farm fence

What accessories are for farm fence


After pasture panel fence and corrugated beam are destroyed by human for many times, the function of standardization, standardized passage cannot be fully played, and standardization accidents are likely to occur, resulting in casualties and property losses.

In accordance with the provisions of the Standardization Law, if a farm plane crossing is added to the standardization without approval, the standardization department shall order to restore to the original state and impose a fine of not more than 50,000 yuan.

"The next step will be a combination of regular and irregular inspections to comprehensively clean up illegal openings along the haitun standardization route."

The official said that after further investigation, the damaged farm fence will be gradually repaired, and the publicity of people along the line will be intensified.

Parts for farm fence:

Active standardized basket oof farm fence (covering GAR2 GPS2 GER2), is commonly used in slope collapse, weathering flake, sneak collapse, skid or cave geological disaster of strengthening standardization, its superficial characteristic symbol is deem appropriate with anchor is fixed, and on the basis of flexible basket, goodbye after support line and suture tensioning (wire basket or wire grid) or prestressed anchor (grille TECCO - 65) to the local successful implementation of flexible basket pre tensioning, standardized form's support, so the whole prestressing operation of its making system is probably close to slope surface,

The prestressing force which restricts the standardization of part of rock and soil mass or binds (stays still) it in the near position after partial displacement or damage occurs is formed, so the active standardization (reinforcement) function is successfully realized.

In order to ensure that farm fence is as close to the slope as possible, the hole pits should be dug at the bolt orifice (the flexibility of system placement can often be used to set the bolt at the low concave position).

Ranch fence is an important part of traffic facilities among livestock equipments.

Pasture fence is made of high quality steel, and then held the electrostatic spraying treatment, from the inside out to avoid corrosion, farm fence has excellent resistance to salt, heat and cold resistance, uv resistance, oxidation resistance function, can guarantee product 30 years without a sign of rust appearance, farm fence zinc phosphating to strengthen the adhesion of coating and substrate, such farm fence is not easy to rust.

Ranch fence is an important part of traffic facilities

Externally clad stainless steel composite pipe /201 stainless steel composite pipe, is made of stainless steel (304, 201, 430JIL, etc.) and high quality carbon structural steel (Q195-235, 08AL) and other double standard composite, high-tech non-adhesive non-destructive pressure synchronous composite technology, simple process, high production efficiency.

Outside liner stainless steel compound pipe series, circular tube, oval, square, rectangular tube series 201 stainless steel clad pipe has outstanding beautiful and bright, corrosion resistant stainless steel and high quality carbon steel, such as tensile strength and impact resistant performance outstanding merit, will decorate and load together perfectly, and the price  for farm fence is much lower than the same specifications of pure stainless steel tube, more suitable for mass consumption, and more convenient for popularization.

  • How many meters is for  piece of pasture fence

  • Pasture protection fence it uses 2.5 mm cold wire drawing welding and each basket of hole horizontal wire has a curved, farm fence for livestock farming is in order to increase strength, basket and pillar at the scene of the stainless steel clamp connection, pasture barrier pillar made with column cap, welded steel pipe column and brace for concrete, its columns and basket use galvanized measures in help jinsu's place, welding protective fence anticorrosive basket ranch, prevent aging, resistance to bask in, flame retardant, beautiful, pasture fence protection long service life, the advantages of convenient installation.

  • Ranching fences are classified by function

  • 1. Guardrail: anti-static, no cracking, strong toughness, high strength, smooth surface, no fading, corrosion resistance and other advantages.

  • 2. Guardrrailing: made of high quality and special auxiliaries, in line with the requirements of anti-aging, anti-fading, anti-static, anti-ultraviolet, anti-corrosion, dust-free maintenance and other requirements, with bright colors, anti-static, no cracking, no fading, corrosion resistance, high strength, no catalysis, strong toughness, smooth surface and other advantages.

  • No rust, long life, wide range of suitable, variety, beautiful generous.

  • Such farm fence for livestock is simple and beautiful, full of modern flavor, so that the standardization of taste, so that the standardization of colors, simple installation, no maintenance, easy cleaning, economical and applicable.

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