What are the advantages of insulation rubber kraal pad?

by:Desing      2020-04-16
Insulated rubber kraal pad ( 绝缘胶板) 10 kv insulation board, 35 kv insulating rubber sheet, high voltage insulation, low pressure rubber insulation board insulation rubber mat basic configuration is as follows, The standards' : insulation rubber kraal pads are rated voltage: 10 kv, corresponding to the rubber sheet thickness 5 mm; 15 kv, plastic slabs thickness should be 6 mm; 25 kv, corresponding rubber sheet thickness 8 mm; 35 kv, corresponding 10 mm or 12 mm rubber sheet thickness. Insulating rubber kraal dielectric environment, work on the mat, the largest insulation voltage is 100000 volts. Insulating rubber kraal mat physical and mechanical properties, insulation performance is very good. In the dielectric coefficient is very high 35 ~ + 100 ℃ in air, the premise is dry humidity environment. Suitable for the electronics factory operating table and the insulation of the ground laid, power station, substation ground laid and installed; The use environment of different voltage grade should choose different thickness of insulated pad. Insulating rubber kraal mat with nr, SBR and iir excellent insulation performance of nonpolar rubber manufacturing. Production specifications: 1 ~ 500 ~ 80 mm * 3000 mm insulation rubber kraal proportion pad: 1. 6; Insulating rubber kraal mat pull force: 1. 4mpa; Insulating rubber kraal pad elongation: 280%; Insulating rubber kraal pad hardness: 65 ° + / - 5 °; Aluminum alloy doors and Windows of chongqing SEO
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