What are the advantages of set-up circles for horses?

by:Desing      2020-03-30
Looped in favor of the muscles of the long horse robust development requirements, demand the horse to be enhanced the whole body. The correct sequence of training are very important to prevent muscle and joint damage. For example, if the waist muscle force for horses when I was not robust enough, can eventually form the horses the Withers and shoulder problems. Similarly, if the horse back and neck muscles are not strong enough, will force the horse arched neck will form the horse mouth of tension and fatigue. These conditions, can show horses don't listen, lower the head. Horse is first to enhance regional set-up circle fence part at both ends, waist, abdomen and back muscles. Once these parts of the muscle, the horse can use abdomen stomach muscles to support it back. ( As well as carrying on horseback rider) Horses naturally stretching the neck forward, put up, drive the hind legs stick to equilibrium. Pelvic expansion set foot in, the waist muscle will become more robust, can work to complete the self bearing the hind legs. Hind legs of the self bearing is in order to make the first half light up, the pace is more lighter. Horses raised his neck, and starting from the Withers arched, which become the highest point, horse vertical nose and in the air, as long as this time, the horse will inherit the armature correct contact, stick to the mouth easily. The work could ride, but from the point of view of old muscle development, good set-up started from. This horse will not be troubled by the weight of the rider, until it is robust enough to carry.
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