What are the barriers field?

by:Desing      2020-04-01
Longines international league ground obstacles China league game has unveiled the World Cup, the field at home and abroad top rider competition is intense, eagerly anticipated by his entire audience. The rider a pistol, horse in prance stretch between the enjoy the elegant. But, what is the ground obstacles? How to understand the game? Do you have these questions? If you want to learn more about the equestrian, equestrian equipment related information, please focus on this site. What are the barriers field? Ground barrier is one of the equestrian sport project barrier bar, riders and horses work together mutual cross equestrian obstacles within the time limit set line moves within the enclosure of 12 - 14 obstacles. The sport requires brave riders and horses, accurate site fibers and fortitude, their common goal is as far as possible in the venue of the short fiber time across the entire barrier bar as quickly and accurately. Equestrian games equestrian unique is the only Olympic equestrian obstacles on the male and female athletes mixed with dance fence animals competing projects. Site main obstacle how long event host the Olympic Games a. . . ? - — Held every four years the international horse equestrian world conference - — Held every four years the international horse intercontinental championship - — Once every two years, the international league cup - — The annual top international league cup of nations - — Annual international event horse site hurdles World Cup international horse coupon site obstacles to the World Cup is usually in October - April personal riders held a series of events, it is known as one of the world's top venue obstacle personal events. The World Cup finals, namely the international horse World Cup final is the peak moment.
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