What are the cause of milking machine accessories shrivel

by:Desing      2020-04-04
After milking machine accessories to use for a long time, the paint will shrivel, and become very ugly, so, the cause of the parts appear shrinkage phenomenon what? The small make up to you, once! 1. Milking machine accessories on the lacquer layer is too thick or too wet, make the inner and outer layer of paint cannot release of solvent and dry at the same rate, so that the surface deformation and wrinkles. 2. Improper drying method results in uneven paint drying, such as for just spray paint layer drying, dry too quickly forced or temperature is too high can cause contraction of the paint shop. 3. Use quick dry thinners or use volatile in enamel paint thinner will make milking machine accessories paint shrivel. In addition, apart from the above three reasons, the paint quality is unqualified, the external environment factors also can make the milking machine parts surface shrinkage, so we should pay more attention in the actual construction, take effective measures to make the equipment is beautiful.
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