What are the causes of deformation of the cow milking machine

by:Desing      2020-04-02
- - - - - - 0 - What cause the deformation of the cow milking machine is the cow milking machine in the consumer when each step is critical, may be affected by any carelessness will cause mechanical deformation, directly affects the quality of the milking equipment. So cause equipment appear deformation reason what? Sometimes, steam heating, the cow milking machine steam pipeline of infarction blockages, heating will not very average, once the local temperature rise speed is not divided, will make thermal deformation. Average, heating may be not incurred. If make the cow milking machine in consumption preheat temperature through the fast rise in, when in a cold, warmed up deformation is easier to attack. If, milking machine out of the board is not smooth, make the hair in front of the slab and at the back of the plate collision, is easy to make the front of the slab fiber pile up. If not found in time, the cow milking machine booster will present bending deformation condition is incurred. In the consumer cow milking machine, appear the phenomenon of deformation, if discover the equipment should be timely find cause the cause of this problem, based on the problem to find the suitable treatment plan.
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