What are the reasons caused the cows mechanical and electrical flow instability

by:Desing      2020-03-19
If you want to make the cow milking machine to work properly, is the need to power the electric power system. If it is current of power system is not stable, not only affects the efficiency of the machine itself, but also easy to cause the cow temper. What is the cause and the treatment method that causes the problem? A, cows electrical flow instability reason: ( 1) A section of the heater failure, do not heat. ( 2) Main motor bearing damage or bad lubrication. ( 3) Cow milking machine adjust pad is wrong, wrong or phase, components interference. Second, the processing method. ( 1) Check the cow milking machine each heater is working correctly, replace the heater when necessary. ( 2) Check the adjusting pad, pull out the cow milking machine for interference phenomenon. ( 3) Main motor repair, if necessary, replace the bearing. Current instability is a big taboo, cow milking machine use when appear this kind of problem, want to find the defective reason first, and then make timely adjustment measures.
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