What are the typical features of electronic scales

by:Desing      2020-03-26
Now with the electronic scale function strong, the scope of use is more and more widely, we Shanghai heng just instrument co. , LTD is a professional sales of electronic scale manufacturer, we used electronic scales have said is very nice. The small make up today is to introduce to you our electronic scale exactly what are the characteristics of hope that we can understand more about our electronic scale in this article. Electronic scale features: 1, rust protection: free concrete flood, anti-oxidation, concrete weighing platform, unlike steel will rust scale year after year without brush paint protection. 2, using the full length: a top three. Concrete material of high strength, good rigidity, wear-resisting, compression, acid, alkali, and usually have full six hundred and seventy steel weighing platform normally taking as long as one hundred and twenty years, so that the iron and steel scale taking more than three times. 3, lightning protection: the thunderstorm weather makes steel structure of electronic scales often appear from lightning appearances, causing unnecessary damage electronic components, and concrete weighing platform is a conductive body, can let the customer to cut sensor, weighing display, junction box from lightning damage. 4, strong corrosion resistance: concrete can resist chemical corrosion, particularly applicable to the place of chemical erosion particularly appropriate coastal region. 5, quality stability, since the major, do not become warped head, positioning accurate ( Small swing) Good stability, deformation, accuracy. 6, convenient lifting: modular production make easy lifting. 7, high recovery value: the price is very high, the quality and function of electronic scale, far more than iron and iron pounds but price quite. Normal use of 30 years when cement pounds to sell to buy half of the price, is always a product. 8, the international trend of cement electronic scale is now very popular in foreign countries, and entered into the phase of common use, can very well make up for the defect of all steel structure of electronic scales, electronic scale instead of steel structure is the inevitable trend. The above information is the small make up to summarizes the characteristics of our electronic scales, if you also want to know more information about electronic scales are welcome to inquire! Relevant recommendations: influence electronic scale to the price of 3 big points
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