What is a good barrier racecourse, racetrack with?

by:Desing      2020-03-30
No a fence, guardrail is completely safe and guard against theft, but we still can according to the different environment and situation. The most traditional are wooden fence - — Log or the board of collocation ( There is also a composite board) 。 Usually use fir, two pieces of 25 cm width of board with at least 10 cm in diameter piles together. When the wood or wood fracture, the fractures of burr might bring harm to horse. Some horses like to chew the wood, and it may damage the wooden fence. Wooden fence need frequent repair replacement to prolong the service life of it. Conducting the racecourse, the racecourse fence fence is a kind of 'psychological barriers' effect, because the trapped animal is not because of the high fence have much more strong, but because they fear that without injury of electric shock caused by the pain, Will frighten ass) 。 But the barrier is not suitable for a small area of the racecourse, or you just need to build a temporary fence the racecourse, but for those who can hold very Thomas ranch. Conductive barrier also res in snow area, because the wind and ice will make these lines become loose, pendulous. Many trees where is not suitable for this kind of fence, because the branches can make conductive wire short circuit. This fence needs regular inspection to ensure their normal work. Conductive line is often used in the joint of other kinds of fence, in order to prevent the horse near the fence. Some areas are not allowed to use conductive barrier, so before set electric fence to investigate the local policy.
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