What is standard of selection of the racecourse enclosures?

by:Desing      2020-04-01
Horse factory fence common using circular tube or pipe welding manufacturing, appearance of galvanized disposal, plastic and plastic spraying or soaking treatment, which can effectively increase the using life of horse factory fence, and beautiful, consolidate, appropriate racetrack enclosure fence, racetrack temporary isolation protection and so on, at the same time that Thai production this product installation is simple and convenient device, the transportation is convenient, is a kind of ideal animal husbandry isolation fence. Material selection, square tube, round tube, tube thickness can be customized. 0 and 1. 5. 1. 8, 2. 0, and other specifications can be customized. Size: m, 1 * 1 * 2. 3 m, 1。 5*3m、1. 5 * 2 m, and other specifications can be customized. Consumption process, disposal of pipes, welding forming, appearance of galvanized, plastic spraying, transportation, installation. Appearance treatment: electroplating, hot, plastic spraying, dipping plastic plating. Product features: 1, anticorrosive and durable: have anticorrosive, prevent aging, sun resistance, weather resistance, racetrack fence bright color, smooth surface, strong tension, is not easy to deformation by outside force bump, site construction, installation, strong sensitivity, Can be adjusted at any time accordance with the requirements of the shape and size) 。 2, easy to clean, do not need to setup circle fence removal, water pipes can be washed clean. 3, consolidate the emphasis has been placed on the ring fence and durable: adopt high quality training circle fence welding of galvanized steel pipe manufacturing, comprehensive surface welding, which can effectively avoid livestock hit form set-up fence railings damage, avoid set-up fence livestock escapes. 4, every Thai racetrack fence is made of high quality design emphasis has been placed on the ring fence, safety design, exterior welding flat, no show screws, carriage risks such as objects, sharp edges, appearance and smooth, bright spot, without sharp spikes, effectively reduce the trauma formed by the livestock cut ceng. 5, no environmental pollution, formed 100% recycled. 6, through strict test, the test can withstand harsh weather conditions. 7, high appreciation sex: the galvanized material, durable use life and beautiful atmosphere, surface can be applied to the club immediately, racetrack and other horses, horse racing place. 8, device assembly, both sides will Jane: using bolt combined device, and equipped with a dedicated at the door, can rapidly complete, or disassembly, convenient use is very sensitive.
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