What is the insulation rubber kraal mat?

by:Desing      2020-04-11
What is the insulation rubber kraal mat? Insulating rubber kraal pad what are generally used for? What's special about it? If you also have these questions, and shenyang tai rubber with look at it. Insulating rubber kraal mat is one of the insulation board, insulation rubber kraal pad is a kind of has a larger volume resistivity and electric breakdown resistance rubber stable mat. There are various colors to choose from, the material is mainly used in NR, SBR and IIR excellent insulation performance of nonpolar rubber manufacturing. Insulating rubber kraal mat color commonly used color have black, red, green, etc. ; The appearance of the insulating rubber kraal pad has a flat, stripes, round buckle shape; According to the thickness of resistance to high and low breakdown voltage from 3 mm - Range of 12 mm; Insulating rubber kraal pad insulation performance, from 5 kv v - according to the actual use requirement 35 kv is divided into a variety of specifications. Insulation rubber kraal mat quality has two aspects: on the one hand is insulated rubber kraal mat the size of the insulation resistance, dielectric constant, high breakdown voltage, power factor, corona numerical level to the comprehensive measure insulation rubber kraal pad performance; In general, insulating rubber kraal cushion performance test requirements are not so detailed, as long as the test voltage and maximum voltage between has a certain margin, enough to ensure personal safety. On the other hand is the production of rubber insulation rubber kraal pad is different in quality, mainly reflected in the physical and mechanical properties of the insulating rubber kraal pad, smells, durability, flexible, waterproof, prevent mildew and use fixed number of year, etc. Insulating rubber kraal mat use requirement and environment, such as using the environment humidity, sunlight, etc. , these are all insulating rubber kraal mat must consider the factors of choose and buy. Insulating rubber kraal pad compared with other insulation board has good elasticity, prevent slippery performance is superior, water proofing property is good, and the advantages of easy matting, now has gradually replaced the traditional ceramics, wood, glass, plastic and other insulating materials. Mainly used in substation, power plants, substations and other ground laid using an insulating mat, widely recognized and welcomed by the market. Related: the Thai rubber to tell you, what good insulating rubber kraal mat?
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