What is the relationship between asbestos rubber kraal pads and stone?

by:Desing      2020-04-03
Why is it called asbestos rubber kraal mat? What is the relationship between it and the stone? Like many people, in the initial exposure to asbestos rubber kraal mat, is curious about its name, feel it and stone an article, but later find that it isn't so. In fact, asbestos rubber kraal pad and stone bread has nothing to do. Asbestos rubber kraal mat is made from asbestos, rubber and packing by pressing. Manufacture asbestos rubber stall MATS have chrysotile asbestos material, blue asbestos ( Crocidolite) Two kinds. Chrysotile as part of the serpentine asbestos, its main composition is contains about 13% water of crystallization of magnesium silicate and its heat resistance, good alkali resistance, high tensile strength, acid resistance performance is poorer, most asbestos rubber stall MATS are made by it. Blue asbestos belongs to the class amphibole asbestos, main component is 2. 5 to 3. A mere 5% water of crystallization of silicate, magnesium oxide composition, iron oxide accounts for about 18 ~ 24%. Blue asbestos heat resistant performance is good, not only and acid resistant performance, so much has been used in the manufacture of acid asbestos rubber kraal pad. Because of different formula, process, properties and USES, mainly divides into high pressure asbestos rubber kraal pad, medium and low pressure rubber kraal stall and oil resistant asbestos rubber MATS, acid and alkali resistance and other species. Asbestos fiber quality of asbestos rubber kraal pad had a greater influence on the performance, so the requirements of asbestos fiber tensile strength is high, the heat resistant performance is good, there is a certain length, fiber bending, elastic. Generally high pressure asbestos rubber kraal pads and more than 400 oil resistant asbestos rubber kraal using level 2, 3, asbestos fiber mat. Because of the asbestos rubber kraal pad ( www。 syaotai。 com) With low hardness, high elasticity, can under high pressure, temperature of - 35 ~ + 60 ° C to work in the air. Is applied made impact resistance, good sealing gasket and plate. Is widely used in high temperature and high pressure of saturated steam and superheated steam, water, gas, inert gas, such as medium equipment piping flange joint sealing gasket materials. Related: grilled steak a rubber kraal mat family perspective their respective characteristics
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