What is world champion stable? — — Walk into the dancing queen Isabel's home

by:Desing      2020-04-01
What is the world's top rider stable? As we know domestic luxury decoration, senior centre? A top rider's stable is the most center thing? With a number of questions about the a sunlight bright and beautiful morning we visited in aachen, Germany full Isabel's stable. Isabel waite, Isabell Werth) Today is the one of the greatest athletes in the equestrian dressage category, known as 'the queen of dressage. She has eight MEDALS, including 2008 Beijing Olympic Games gold medal and individual silver medal, she is a famous one of the endorsement of the rider rolex. See the stables the MEDALS you know the queen of dressage is not wave get hollow reputation. In her stable equestrian career, it covers the European championship, world championships and Olympic Games dance competition of stable all the gold medal. Isabel thought: 'adhere to the calm and concentrate is her stable magic weapon for winning the race, one horse is one of the world. Any difficult experience will make you stronger and more determined, at the same time I have won't stop believing in my horse. 'Into the title the stable, first think of is the color of the dressage enclosures is soft, the layout of the concise and stable and reasonable. Although fundamental material are the commonly used ordinary stable dressage fence, but feel very sophisticated craftsmanship, brick and color is very elegant. Secondly, the design of a channel is a very broad, enough two horses in parallel, especially natural dressage fences and application of the skylight, can guarantee the stable in the natural light of day, in which the working people and the horse is very comfortable. Good daylighting design is also reflected in the design of indoor venues, ride a rider can see the scenery outside the window below. A high wall coaming is thought to safety and considered excessive attention to consolidate the height of the horse. And most stable domestic exposed to cold compared to steel structure, inside this wooden color more let a person feel looks comfortable. Can behave stable, of course, the most professional is the sky, I heard such a special fiber composite sand, joints and of sport horse hoof is very good. A top stable performance, of course, on the full range of welfare of the horse, spray and infrared drying equipment must make a bath very comfortable! Saddlery room adornment is very simple, but a chema clean and neat, orderly put, enough to see stable management personnel's quality. , unlike many of the racecourse, the outdoors is not a white fence, made from tree wall fence are beautiful as well as applicable. , of course, this can be based on training excellent dressage horse the right equipment, if be to interfere with stable such 'fence' may stop hinder cavort desire of horses. Professional rider thought, rangeland is riding stables, one of the necessary equipment overload competition and training will make tired horse, rangeland is grasping the central after the horse competition. Into the champions of stable, see all the work is centered on the horse, the veterinary dental checkups for horses. And the big circle ring sand training ground in the stable is rare, it seems a lot of world-class players have my training techniques. Discharge in grazing fields we met the horse run Gigolo, it and Isabel collaboration 14 years won six of the eight MEDALS, and assist Isabel was a big success. Isabel thought that as long as the horse, dry good ride. A good horse rider can be hidden faults, make up for it, so as to foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses. But also can't again good mass into a porsche. So the respect for the horse of professional rider back as the first quality. Isabel and her team are now in addition to teaching competition management every day more than forty horses, which also directional breeding some high quality dance a pony. That is stable, the world champion is precision but also is very simple, no luxury club house, not to mention on the tall building decoration, some as long as the professional body and respect for the horse.
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