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What livestock equipment in need for goat farming

What livestock equipment in need for goat farming


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Sheep is the main category of China's breeding industry, its market prospect is wide, and the breeding process is simple, in daily life, there are a lot of rely on raising sheep to get rich road, the following article to introduce what livestock equipment is needed for sheep breeding.  

(1) Feeding trough: Feeding trough is used for forage grass and hay, in a variety of forms, commonly used as the following:

a. Fixed rectangular feeder.

Brick, stone and cement are used in the feeding yard to build long square fixed feeding trough, which is more durable.

b. Movable sheep trough.

It is made of thick wooden board, and a neck clip can be set above the feeding tank to fix the sheep's head, restrict its random occupation, and facilitate management.

The neck clip can be welded with wood or steel, the size of the first to fix the sheep head is appropriate, generally the upper width is 18 cm, the lower width is about 10 ~ 12 cm, the neck clip is 30 ~ 40 cm apart.

c. Prevent the sheep from being "grooved" to feed on grass.

It is simple to make and easy to carry. It is used for supplementary feeding in winter and spring and salt transfer.

Fixed circular feeding trough: made of bricks or pebbles in the playground or feeding yard. A circular chassis with a height of 50cm and a diameter of 2m can be built first.


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(2) Flume: In the playground, a flume should be set, which can be made of cement.

(3) Straw frame: There are various forms of straw frame. In some places, it is fixed by the wall in the enclosure.

(4) Milking rack: Milking machine with a milking rack can reduce the labor intensity of milkers and the total milking speed, which is conducive to clean the fresh milk and the sanitary rack can be made of wood.

(5) Other livestock equipment and appliances: there should be a mother yard, a supplementary feeding yard for lambs, a shearing knife, a fleece-comb and a straw shed.

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