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What livestock farming equipment does cattle and sheep?

What livestock farming equipment does cattle and sheep?


livestock equipment

Recently, the price of pigs in the market compared with beef and mutton has increased  tremendously, and many livestock farmers have turned to raising cattle and sheep with livestock equipment.

Some provinces also support the raising of cattle and sheep.

So what kind of sheep or cattle equipment is needed to build a cattle and sheep farm?

As a professional livestock equipment manufacturer rich in experience, Desing  in this article will analyze from three aspects, as cattle and sheep farmers need what kind of livestock equipment:


  • 1. Feed processing equipment

  • For many cattle and sheep farmers, forage is not easy to obtain. Therefore, many farmers raising cattle and sheep will choose to use granular feed and forage.This can ensure that cattle, sheep intake of comprehensive nutrition, but also reduce feed costs.Generally speaking, for small-scale cattle and sheep farms, a set of simple grass powder particle units can meet the production of feed farmers.For large cattle and sheep farms, 420 type grass powder granule units can be used to assist the pelleting of cattle and sheep feed.

  • 2. Feeding drinking water equipment

  • After the feed aspect is solved, the feeding and drinking water equipment is the next issue to be considered.We suggest avoiding groundwater as much as possible and feeding cattle and sheep directly.To avoid causing diseases such as diarrhoea among livestock. Can use constant temperature cattle, sheep drinking water equipment.This can control the temperature of cattle and sheep drinking water, if too low, can be heated.If the temperature is reached, the heating will stop.Feed feed trough also should often keep clean state, lest summer remains feed occurrence mildew, affect the health of livestock and poultry.

  • 3. Livestock weighing equipment

  • Livestock weighing equipment is generally a necessary livestock equipment for cattle and sheep breeding. Because a cow's stall weight is heavier, if only according to the collector's weigh-scale to decide the weight is a bit lost. So a lot of cattle, sheep farms will choose to buy a set of livestock scales, when the cattle to be weighed by themselves, do the heart know, when selling cattle will not let themselves lose.The above is the author of the summary of cattle, sheep needed breeding equipment. Should you be sourcing for livestock equipment, welcome to shoot an email to Desing livestock equipment factory.

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