What makes the insulation rubber kraal pad better?

by:Desing      2020-04-03
Insulating rubber kraal pad because of its special function is widely used in production and life, but the quality of insulating rubber kraal pad in market is not the same, what makes rubber insulation kraal mat quality better, more outstanding? Insulation material production process, the influence of these materials have a lot of ways, there will always be a few big aspects. First should be resistance factors, according to the principle of normal is resistivity, in general, the smaller the insulation materials and conductive resistance, the higher the demand for daily insulation, resistance is generally the higher the better; Followed by sealing, must be used for production of insulation products of material of oil, water sealing isolation is better; Again is to have a higher resistance to burning. Resistance to combustion performance is higher then for insulation material, the better; Fourth, the tensile strength. Tensile strength must reach the maximum tensile stress; Finally, the time value, the greater the arc resistance, the better. Which aspects are the main factors influencing the insulation, of course, some of the other factors affecting the insulating material of insulation. While no related data investigation insulation concrete data of the development of the market, but it needs and use is obvious to all. We often in the news media to see various accidents occurred because there are a lot of electricity every year, we also began to develop more products to avoid these accidents, insulation materials conveniently developed, so want to safety in production and living is bound to use the high quality product, thus insulating rubber kraal pad ( www。 syaotai。 com/) Small make up recommend, also do not covet is cheap, when buying themselves and others at risk. Related: insulation material development to what now
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