What role does the venue fiber?

by:Desing      2020-04-01
As the equestrian market blowout, everywhere in the construction of new racecourse, fiber area became the new racecourse will be options, equestrian obstacle and the old horse is numerous and complicated in advance. Fiber site is now completely racecourse standard, professional competition venue fiber racecourse since needless to say, mainly teaching the racecourse, as a prominent spot of propaganda into the racecourse equipment a must-have item. What field fiber what are the benefits? Today we only on the face of it, later we will ask an expert to the racecourse equipment we explained in detail. 1. Look from the exterior, fiber is more smooth, tight. 2. Fiber not up dust. 3. Careless riding up more elastic, horse riding nor equestrian obstacles too much damage. 4. Horses in go up on the fibers of the field is not so easy to cave in, protect the horse's leg. 5. In fiber of the field, can also ride on rainy days, unlike the earth will fall down, can't ride. 6. Good water lock, compared with the ordinary sandy to save water. No choice, sand ratio of fiber and the pavement in the drainage layer, a complex mixture is not suitable for fiber, in theory, the effect was less than fiber field. Assuming that choose to have polluted industrial fibers, also will pose great damage to human body and horses. More subtle, will be the exception, attention please.
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