What's the cause of the slow development of electronic industry scale

by:Desing      2020-03-28
Electronic scale has always been you use most frequently a weighing scale. With the requirements of the electronic scales, electronic scale has been the development of innovation. But in the quickening development today, electronic scale industry still exist many problems, its development is relatively slow. This electronic scale small make up for what reason we arrange this electronic scale industry developed slowly. I hope you can understand some seriously. Lagging development of domestic electronic scales, electronic scale industry exists many problems, facing a severe situation, the main factors on the following four aspects: first, science and technology innovation and industrialization progress sluggish modern metrology is optical, mechanical and electrical, computer, and many kinds of basic subject highly integrated product, is very sensitive to new technology, is a new technology in modern industrial product renewal frequency consciousness and the application of one of the categories of rapidly, every year there are a number of new product launch, especially in today's information age, increasingly fierce competition, the development speed slow down, will be left behind. In today has entered the 21st century, the common level of domestic electronic scale still stay on the international level in the early 1980 s, almost all rely on imports, large and high-grade instrument many need special instruments or blank, cheap products to ensure quality and there are many difficulties need to overcome. Sluggish, to develop the science and technology innovation and industrialization is a restricting the development of domestic electronic industry scale & other; Bottleneck & throughout; The sluggish domestic electronic scale industry science and technology innovation and development has three main factors: the first is a serious shortage of funding; The second is their lack of talent; The third is the lack of officer, production, study and research, full, with the effective combination. Second, product stability and reliability of long-term not satisfactorily solve domestic measurement products, including industrial automation instrument system, communication equipment, etc. , although technical indicators compared to similar foreign products is not very big, but the stability and reliability is not high. Greatly limit the use of domestic products and the scope and credible degree, investigate its reason mainly has three aspects: ( 1) The development of long-term neglect the basic technology research. ( 2) Domestic part and basic quality closes nevertheless. ( 3) For the product quality control and management of enterprises, product quality is not pass. Three old system constraints, the development of the enterprise is the old system restricts the domestic economy, especially the state-owned enterprises to develop a common problems. Instrument industry is no exception. Quite a number of state-owned enterprises, due to long-term under the bondage of the old system, can't pull away from the historical burden of students, in the loss of vitality of the market competition, the production and operation and serious landslide, a large number of backbone enterprises, the struggle between life, so, dynamometer to accelerate the system reform is one of the important ways to develop. Fourth, the development of the electronic scale industry is restricted by the objective environment mainly displays in: ( 1) The heavy taxes. Measurement with products enterprise, the general scale is not large, production batch is not much, total output and economic benefit is not high, but the modern electronic scale, to the national economy has a great pushing effect the incalculable double benefit. With such a special attributes of the industry, like other industries, a 17% value-added tax, 33% income tax and the tariffs are taxes of the same proportion. ( 2) The governments at various levels including industry and the administrative department of the bank, taxation, industrial and commercial departments to develop measurement products industry important understanding insufficiency, support is not enough. ( 3) Lack of support for the development of national industry procurement policy. ( 4) Domestic basic industries ability is poor. Including product quality, service and credit ability is poor, a direct impact on the development of the electronic scale industry through the above content analysis to understand, after all of this what reason cause of slow development of electronic industry scale already know. If you have and doubt, can inquire our company! In this paper, by the Shanghai heng electronic scale small make up finishing just instrument co. , LTD. , thank you to our support and trust. Read this article partner also read: print electronic scale is not out of paper to do!
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