When running a turn, always feel to be flung in a horse? 吗? Way to here

by:Desing      2020-04-01
Their wanted very much to sit in your horse movement according to the requirements of the coach to follow it, I can't do it! ! ! You also have such experience? Introduces the hippodrome fence in the German riding education solutions, based on the study of the theory of riding can more quickly and effectively help real riding. This article theory content from Germany 'riding certification level 5 study manual', 'The emphasis has been placed on The fence The all of riding' 'riding with Understanding and Feeling'. In turn, the body weight training circle fence more moved to within the party sciatic, at this moment, in turn, the emphasis has been placed on the hip circle fence to reduce some, inner legs working circle fence knee position compared with the foreign party is also slightly lower leg. Here is the most prone to mistakes the rider on the emphasis has been placed on the fence down body, tend to be too much racetrack fence weight change, emphasis has been placed on the circle fence hip collapse, offshoring seat, the rider's centre of gravity has been moved to the wrong side. 'I'm so the party inside, how also said that I focus on the foreign party? Do you think is a main body introversion is inward? Wrong! The actual result is just the opposite. In order to avoid this kind of error, the rider to think about as far as possible use outsiders see seat support for unilateral, try to cut inside the knee as far as possible, pay attention to if the foot too much hard step, square feet on the stirrup, inside of the knee Angle can usually be open and make the rider to sit on the wrong side, square feet easily lost in the stirrup. We all know that in a straight line, the rider's hips and horses hips parallel, riders on the shoulder and the shoulder parallel, then in turn curve? It's the same, of course, but how do you do? We saw the horse in turn have a flexible and buckling, and slightly toward the center of the circle. In order to adapt to the horse's center of gravity change, the rider to 'rotating seat', that is inside the curve on the rider's hips and foreign shoulder slightly forward, at the same time, the core of the rider or the trunk muscles tighten and relax with horse ups and downs, make the pelvis has some tilting movement.
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