When the milking machine cleaning common problem

by:Desing      2020-03-16
Milking machine equipment used to take for granted after long time cleaning, this is very key to a working link, can ensure the quality of the milk there is no problem. However, some problems will inevitably be in the process of cleaning, have influence on the quality of milk. Therefore, we want to do a good job of prevention must first know that occur in the process of cleaning problems. 1. Insufficient cleaner dosage: some ranch to save costs, not enough emphasis on cleaner, rarely used or use inferior detergent to wash the milking machine. Detergent underuse or quality is bad, can cause microorganism index rise, affect the quality of milk, so choose good reputation, effect of products. 2. Cleaning procedures do not correct: some farm workers at the end of the milking, use cold water to piercing of milking machine, easy to cause fat milk coagulation on the surface equipment, later rinse; At the same time also make equipment temperature drop in the second time consume a large amount of heat energy is washed with hot water. Therefore, immediately with 40 ℃ - after milking 45 ℃ warm water rushed, flushing water don't release the loop directly, and it can sweep away 95% of milk residue in the equipment. 3. Cycle cleaning time is too long, the time is too long, the water drop will cause the dirt deposition again, before the next milking time reproduction of bacteria, leading to increased microbial content of milk. Farm workers, therefore, to grasp the circulation cleaning time, in 5 - general equipment 10 minutes, large equipment is CIP automatic cleaning, the preset time in advance. 4. Water shortage: practice, pasture often boiler ability is insufficient, especially small electric heating equipment, lead to lack of hot water during cleaning. And insufficient water temperature can make the milk fat dirt in the water cleaning again coagulation and precipitation, adhesion on the surface equipment milk scale formation, increase the quantity of bacteria, the lower the quality of milk. In general, normal temperature alkaline wash water temperature reached 75 ℃ - cleaner requirements 85 ℃, circulation after the wash water temperature in more than 40 ℃, so the farm workers according to the actual demand to improve or update the heating equipment. , therefore, must to cleaning link attaches great importance to the up, if there is a problem can cause a lot of trouble, can lead to equipment fouling, bacteria quantity increase, decline in the quality, the milk is likely to be dairy refused, pasture of direct damage.
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