Why did the stable need good lighting

by:Desing      2020-03-27
The stable safety, design good electrical lighting is very important. When the light is enough, indoor bright and stable, and rest on horse life is good. In the stable corridor area should have good lighting. In the stable, all the bulbs should be closed, this is to prevent the horses hit or. If the bulb is broken, can prevent glass debris, which hurt the horses. When the lamp is placed in the stable, to reduce the glare and shadows, brightness is high enough, this is for the convenience of work. If the lamps and lanterns is placed in the stable, will hit, so you need to put in compartment outside. In choosing a type of illumination, want to consider the natural light of the stable, and the stable temperature, such as halogen lamp and incandescent light bulbs will produce a lot of heat, is likely to cause fire. If the stables are cold, with a fluorescent tube lights and it takes a long time to light up. So choose the lamps and lanterns in the stable, according to own a stable environment to choose the lamps and lanterns of resistance to high temperature or low temperature. The barn is often a mouse, so the stable connection to prevent mice, although some coating to the relatively small mouse's appeal, but it is not still the safest, made of metal, some types of catheter will rust. So in the construction of a stable, be aware that a lot of ways, to notice lamplight, notice the wiring. Keywords: stable, stable related products: racecourse fences, racetrack fences,
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