Why do you want to give the horse a circle?

by:Desing      2020-03-29
For not riding friends or novice enthusiasts, give the horse a circle is like an endless chasing the horse doing the circle movement. 'Don't they feel dizzy? '' why don't you ride? '' do this have what use? 'Many people would ask such questions, imagine, even in the domestic many racecourse is making robotic horse' looped 'practice of young coach may not understand why the looped, how to play. The love from the United States: LINDSAY YOHN articles that can help us better understand looped the benefits of this way of equestrian training. We just as well to hear how to explain why his horse 'circle'. Looped the purpose of our general can be divided into several categories: a concentrated attention being fostered warm and soft body being without a rider to introduce new training do practice under the form of the pace of the high quality you can notice that there is one thing not included, that is 'the tired horse to exhaustion'. As a highly trained equestrian, we shouldn't be on the loop with the idea of 'the tired horse to burnout. When you try to make the horse exhausted, you entered the looped reverse thinking. There is no doubt that a no experience horse is very dangerous. But if you are a easy to febrile horse looped, just hope they can take a bit before you ride, you are actually put into greater risks. You only make the body tired, but neglect the most important thing - — Thought. You can think so, because of the heavy snow, your child is suppress at home can't go to school. Very not easy sunny can go out, you notice they're very clock out and run around the house, and come back with my homework. When they come back ready to write my homework has been panting, which have a mind to learn. They will all the energy of the accumulation of emphasis has been placed on the fence to vent out, tired to death, you now ask them to immediately transform ideas to do math homework? That I wish you good luck! It's like what you did to close for a few days of the horse. When you give it a circle, it, eye-rolling from running. You will eventually make the horse sweating, body fatigue, but it is still inside the form of running a mile a minute. Tired body corresponding too lively thought, its consequence is not learn form, you are still in the very nervous under the form of horse riding. This is your horse can have no spirit to you broke up, but at this time if you want to teach it within the 'shoulder', must have not productive, as a result of the horse thought basic do less than full concentration. So, the next attempt to reset your looped link, to meet the following four categories. Focus attention to practice is attention to progress rather than the tired body, intensive attention next study prepared for the horses. Looped is concentrated body ready-made of this type, rather than let the horse constantly thinking of otc small companion, may want to do is run, run, run, run, run! Is not running in circles do fine long hair is meaningful, but in a quiet and inspiring advice is, make a series of timely according to the requirement of migration and transformation. You need is not a horse at the gasp, crazy, breaking out of the fence at any time the horse, but a light hanging horse head, the inside of the ear to listen to your instructions, and sometimes under the tongue lick or chew a few horses, it is to inform you that it is ready and will focus on 'to make it do you. ' Warm and soft body this loop can be used to find the horse in the gait of stiff and limp. In addition, the warm-up looped can assist muscle to soft, ensure that the horse comfortable and inherit the rider. This is the next step after concentrated attention. Practice the pace of transformation and complex migration, such as to trot or quick to run; And in the different radius of the circle circle, help your horse become more soft and ready to work from the body. Without a rider to introduce new training under the form of looped is another very important role in the absence of a rider to introduce new training, this is a fundamental way of training. Both teachings horse saddle and bridle under, and the expansion of the root elongation or some other new ideas, such a looped can make the horse go to spend time to understand, without having to worry about the existence of the rider. This is also introduced to the horse some fear they will be able to the timing of the object, or test the new talents, for instance prance. In this way, allows the horse to respond, but don't worry about bring you damage. Practice the pace of high quality after looped to practice high quality of gait will often be used, but sometimes will be the rider to ignore. A circle, there are two kinds of assistance is invalid, adjustable pointer and emphasis has been placed on the rope, legs and hands when this is equivalent to ride a horse. After a looped, horse can help you practice high quality of the gait, not nervous or confusion of gait. More than four points is a career coach experience understand, once we have learned, you will have much equestrian training is an important means of believe that riding will become more and more calm.
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