Why rubber insulation board stall MATS do not choice

by:Desing      2020-04-11
Insulation board made by rubber kraal mat commonly, so why rubber kraal mat can take on task of insulation, be making choice of insulation board? This paper first introduces the Thai rubber and everybody. Production staff said choose rubber as insulation board of rubber with good insulation, the most important thing is to use rubber insulation kraal mat able to work under high voltage v can also normal, not affected by high voltage blessing. The surface of the insulating rubber kraal mat foundation inspection insulation rubber sheet flecked the depth of the concave and convex parts or height shall not exceed the rubber sheet thickness tolerance, bubbles per square metre, the area is not in 1 cm2 bubble is not more than 5, the distance between any two bubbles is not less than 40 mm, the length and depth of impurity does not exceed the plastic board thickness is not less than 40 mm, not neat or spongy edges of a rubber sheet width does not exceed 10 mm, length less than 1/10 of the rubber plate length, and there is no rift. Rubber insulated board also has waterproof, insulating rubber kraal mat spread on the ground effectively prevent the flooding accident, have played an important role to protect the safety of staff of life. Rubber is not only used in the electric power industry is also widely used in other industrial fields. Does not contain polar groups in molecular chain, is a kind of non-polar rubber. Only some polar solvent resistance. So the oil resistance is poor. Has good alkali resistance performance, but not resistant to strong acid. Rubber kraal pads are used to produce insulation board is determined by its special properties, and high quality insulation board is not only to have better material should have more advanced technology. So the Thai rubber tip you, buy insulation board for the brand and quality. Related: medical rubber products to continue to develop
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