Why shockproof rubber kraal pad sell like hot cakes

by:Desing      2020-04-11
The tiger found that in recent years the production of shockproof rubber kraal pad sell like hot cakes. Not only the tiger, the same kind of shockproof rubber on the market stall pad sales also is pretty good, why shockproof rubber kraal mat sell like hot cakes. Earthquake and other natural disasters around the world in recent years, China's wenchuan earthquake in 2008 and this year's giant earthquake in different extent caused economic damage to me, including a large number of buildings collapsed. Buildings collapse not only caused serious economic losses, also caused great casualties. So now, many countries pay attention to stall on the rubber cushion isolation technology research and development. Through engineering, reduce, isolation technology, improve the ability of urban comprehensive protection against earthquake and improve the seismic performance of all kinds of buildings is internationally popular seismic technology, and is a more realistic way. Among them, the rubber bearing pad in isolation technology research, has made a convincing effect of shock absorption and isolation. Some developed countries in the world, such as Japan, the United States, New Zealand, Italy is already in the early 1980 s began to isolation rubber bearing should be in all kinds of important equipment, such as buildings, Bridges, the isolation of the engineering. In 90, our country generation also began to be used widely in all kinds of buildings. So far, both at home and abroad on building structures, Bridges, equipment vibration isolation measures, the vast majority is to use rubber kraal cushion and steel composite 'sandwich rubber cushion' isolation technology. Applied to the technology of buildings and Bridges in China, Japan, the United States and other have been successfully survived the test of earthquake. Therefore, it has become a relatively mature, isolation technology can be widely applied. 'Sandwich rubber mat' is referred to as buildings isolation rubber kraal advance expenditure. Thanks to modern living standards improve, increasing traffic density, leading to larger vibration and noise pollution, near the railway, the subway or on the ground in the subway construction buildings suffer, some due to the influence of vibration for a long time and, therefore, thus greatly reduced the service life of the building for all kinds of buildings, the vibration and noise isolation has become extremely waits to solve problems. So the rubber kraal pad ( www。 syaotai。 com) It's not hard to think of sell like hot cakes. Related: why rubber insulation board stall MATS do not choice
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