Why use milking machine milking get mastitis

by:Desing      2020-04-23
At present, with the development of the century, the more natural choice to use milking machine milking, more convenient and quick for milking machine, but at the same time people will worry, use milk will not harm the cow milking equipment, cause mammary gland disease, the answer is not necessarily. Small make up today to explain to you, why not use it as an opportunity to cow damage right! 。 Milk cup vacuum degree within the large, irregular moved to add the incidence of chest infection, milk cup lining on and off is milking period of periodic vacuum cause milk shake a culprit. Shake the ups and downs of relatively steady punctuality, the infection rate of chest infection is very low. 。 Reality indicate the vacuity is too high will lead to clinical breast inflammation. This is because in every pulse cycle milk cup lining close not full-time, high vacuum degree can make milk and milk sphincter damaged skin, milk eversion of situation will intensify, allow the animal to the chest infection by bacteria, and then attack the cow breast inflammation. 。 Because of low vacuum may be sudden vacuum through, may make the milk oblique, results form a gas leak and cause no vacuum or out slowly and day. Milk is not completely, also can form the onset of chest infection. 。 Pulsating cause chest infection because of the pulsating periodic irregular change, and the results of vacuum to the synergistic effect of irregular change. 。 Because the chest four breasts area uneven output, form some capacity difference between suction surface, such as light absorption will not lead to chest infection, but repeated long-term smoking or high vacuum suction usually leads to a chest infection, arrange and sphincter in fierce it will damage the milk. If choose active shedding device can effectively avoid suction on the chest. 。 If chest clean, milking operation is not standard, milk of cow's milk before and after disinfection does not reach the designated position, milking system not in accordance with the operational requirements and procedure to clean clean, disinfection is not complete, can also lead to the cow mammary gland disease. From the actual situation of dairy farm use milking machine, as long as the correct selection and reasonable use milking machine, strengthen management, generally will not increase the incidence of mastitis.
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