Winter goats fat rejuvenation

by:Desing      2020-12-02
Winter forage grass withered and yellow, undernutrition, if not in order to strengthen the management of breeding, sheep prone to angular weightlessness. Sheep in order to ensure the safety for the winter, should take the following measures: save enough grass, winter fat good should press sheep Numbers and the number of need, collect all kinds of straw, leaves, CaiBang, vegetable and crop straw. But after ammonification, alkalization and heap storage feeding, also can make silage and fermented feed. Grain feed, corn, barley, wheat bran, and cake and vinasse are fed sheep feed, the feed to feed collocation, diversified. Stay warm, cold prevention as the saying goes 'warm three fat'. Must repair is good, the shelter against intrusion evil wind, careless hang at night, the ground to dry, not frozen. Reducing the loss of the sheep body heat is the most effective way is to fix the warm, avoid catching cold sheep, prevent colds. Winter, winter night feeding sheep are already pregnant, should be combined with the grazing proper motion, also save forage grass. Winter shepherd group, should choose lee xiangyang low-lying warm ditch grazing, in case of strong wind. Sheep should winter night out early, laid the priest, with the wind for grazing. Sheep are ruminants, digestive ability strong, can add hello ye4’s grass isn and fill hello concentrate and adequate forage mineral, in order to meet the multiple needs breeding sheep, pregnancy and fetal sheep nutrition. Salt appetizing, water full someone says winter sheep high-maintenance, brine love fat. Mean is difficult to raise sheep, as long as the salt added to water in the water the sheep, the sheep will eat grass, love to drink water, easy to become fat. Such as water shortage, water shortage sheep, the sheep of the shutter ( Disc stomach) And nose is dry, do not love to eat grass, also does disease easier to stomach. But sheep can't drink the water too cold, especially pregnant sheep, to drink warm water. Safety, prevent flow lamb and bleak winter slippery, attention should be paid to prevent fall slippery when grazing. Pregnant sheep in and out of the door to prevent congestion, collision and roof rack, to avoid miscarriage, to ensure the safety and smooth delivery of pregnant sheep. If you think this net reprint content involved, the author of a work, please contact us as soon as possible. Telephone: information.

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