Wireless electronic effortlessly livestock scale printing

by:Desing      2020-03-27
Wireless electronic effortlessly livestock scale printing, our company production and sales of livestock scale weighing can be all kinds of live cows, sheep live animals such as poultry. Dynamic weighing function makes animals run and jump on the said also does not affect the weighing results, electronic said can be equipped with wireless printer. If you have intention to purchase or details can click here to contact us, I wish you a happy shopping! Animal husbandry scale is introduced: by four high precision resistance strain type weighing sensors, sealed type waterproof connector, weighing display instrument with single chip microprocessor and steel structure platform scale. Applicable to animal farms, weighing quickly, digital intuitive easy to read, stable and reliable performance, easy operation and maintenance. Weighting display instrument system is equipped with high-performance, can show the gross weight, net weight, tare weight, can be manually or automatically to tare weight to tare weight, with overload and underload, automatic zero to maintain, and other functions. Note: with different types of weighing display, can meet the requirements of different users. Wireless electronic effortlessly print livestock scale livestock scale features: weighing platform: stainless steel weighing platform, 5 mm steel plate thickness, structure, and can better protect the scale body, high strength, impact resistance, long service life. With special waterproof IP67 connection box, anti surge shock ( Parallel connection) Strong waterproof performance, JunctioBox) Connect four high precision sensors used. Factory is configured to SQC sensors, safe load up to: more than 150%, the standard stainless steel display instrument can adjust rotating foot, shear beam is equipped with four high precision weighing sensor and intelligent weighing instrument display instrument of weighing system function LCD display, single window has weight accumulation, cumulative display, accumulative total removal function, kilograms, pounds conversion function, can be used in several different work environment in a convenient clear and easy to read, the built-in battery, ac/dc. Note: the table size according to customer requirements ( If the small farming scale must be put in to use below, our company only provide the construction drawing, civil construction costs we are not included) Optional: single, double, portable, with wheels, buffer type animal husbandry scale analog display instrument parameters, such as: A/D conversion method: & Sigma; - - - - - - Δ Transformation way A/D conversion rate: 10 times/SEC Zui large number of A/D conversion: 20 bit input signal range: - 10 ~ 15 mv video input sensitivity: & ge; 1μ V/e sensor for bridge power: DC5V; I≤ Number: 150 ma connected sensor can meet four 350 & Omega; Sensor sensor connection mode: 6 wire degree verification points: 3000, Zui degrees outside big points: 30000, Zui ouchi resolution: 300000 degree value: 1/2/5/10/20/50 optional display mode ( A12) Six: LCD, 6 state indicator display mode ( A12E) Six: LED digital tube, scope of six state indicator shows: - (2000 ~ 150000 d = 10) Big screen interface ( Optional) Signal output way: serial output, current loop signal baud rate: 600, transmission distance, current loop signal & le; 2000 m serial communication interface ( Optional) Interface types: RS232C, baud rate: 1200/2400/4800/9600 optional communication methods: automatic transmission distance: continuous mode/instruction mode optional RS232C & le; Ac power supply: 30 m AC187 ~ 242 v. 49 ~ 51 hz dc power supply: built-in battery DC6V / 4 ah livestock weigh structure single layer, 5 whole panel. Junction box built-in 5 mm thickness, beautiful and easy using U shaped cold bending steel compound, the scale body high strength fastening plate seiko welding structure durability, surface roasts the paint processing through sandblasting, KangFuXing strong after-sales service commitment: 1, the service tenet: quick, decisive, accurate, thoughtful and thorough 2, service goal: service quality to win customer satisfaction, service efficiency: warranty or warranty, such as equipment malfunction, our company, after being notified within 24 hours to arrange maintenance personnel for repair service for the customer. 4, the principle of service, product warranty period is one year, during the warranty period we will free repair parts damage caused by quality, warranty parts damage, provide accessories only charge cost, if the equipment damage caused by the human factors, we repair or provide accessories at the cost price. Related to recommend
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