With a long history of how electronic scale evolution up to now

by:Desing      2020-03-28
Electronic scale is we are now more and more widely used a very simple and convenient products. As we know gradually to the electronic scale, its long history has also been dig deep out. There may be many friend is don't understand. So today let's take a look at our electronic scale how evolution has a long history. Actually, electronic scale had appeared in ancient China for a long time, our electronic scale is wooden scale & ndash; Steelyard & ndash; Electronic scale has evolved. Let's meet under respectively: wooden scale: the warring states period. Wooden scale length 27, copper plate 4 cm in diameter. This is a full set of rights instruments. Wooden scale bar for flat bar, the center of the rod to drill a hole, hole wear silk as new. Rod ends inside of 0. 7 cm, each have a perforation, wear silk in copper plate. System tray silk 9 cm long. Two copper plate, base slightly rounded, margin with four symmetrical holes, to tie line. Ring right weight generally increasing in multiples, respectively for the baht, 2 -, 3 -, 6 -, 12 -, one or two, two, four and two, half a catty. According to half jins weight, a jin of 250 grams. During the warring states period, chu currency used is copper shell and huang jin, speculates that the small scales used to weigh gold. Steelyard: one thousand years on, the hand lever scale can also be counted as China & other; Quintessence & throughout; 。 It make light, classic, also is very convenient to use, as the main measurement tool of commodity circulation, active in the great river north and south, handed down from generation to generation. Between heaven and earth have a steelyard, people keep balance, given the cultural connotation, the symbol of justice, conscience, the ruler of heaven and earth, everything and the deal is completed between weight and scale to break out. With the development of era, some things will be out of our daily life, and the popularity of electronic scale, adumbrative steelyard will quit the stage of history, become a national symbol. Steelyard artisan steelyard technology has been passed down from word of mouth. Do the scales is a fine workmanship, from material selection, plane circle, to use alkaline soaking, grinding, such as nail ChengHua multiprogramming, behing not tolerate any careless, careless slightly, scale will have a deviation. Steelyard artisan of career is very sacred religious and never due to error. To make balance but a sin Electronic scale: just constant electronic production of electronic scales, including dozens of ( Such as: electronic scales, electronic crane scale, electronic truck scale, electronic table scale, electronic platform scale, electronic scale for weight, counting electronic balance, pricing electronic balance, with print electronic scale, explosion-proof electronic scales, forklift scales, the cylinder scale, animal electronic scale, electronic balance, etc. ) Electronic scale, belongs to a kind of weighing apparatus, is the use of hooke's law or power lever balance principle of determination of object quality tools. Electronic scale is mainly composed of bearing system ( Such as scale, the scale body) , force transformation system ( Such as leverage power transmission system, sensor) And the value system ( Such as scale, electronic display instrument) 3 parts. According to the principle of structure can be divided into mechanical scales, electronic scales, mechanical and electrical combination scale three categories. After the above understanding, I believe you to our already familiar with the history and development of electronic balance. Today we want to know, that's the content. This article provided by Shanghai heng just instrument co. , LTD. , sorting, thanks for your support! If you still want to know: how to use electronic scales farmar debugging!
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