With the rubber kraal cushion rubber technology

by:Desing      2020-04-06
Using the function of rubber, most is after adding up to a dozen cooperation of all kinds of different material, on a cluttered & amp; 宝贝, Cooperation skills & amp; ”, To complete. Thus, cooperation and the optimum material selection of cooperation way, is decided to rubber products function and taking another key factor. Cooperation and physical properties of rubber and plastics, fiber is completely different, besides and special circumstances, the material of rubber is not directly use, it is necessary to take part in the relevant cooperation agent, after mixing processing, baking talents become useful vulcanized rubber, ending made into all kinds of rubber products. Sulfide was to make the rubber from arbitrary shaped linear body shape into stereoscopic 3 d layout. The most useful way is to crosslinking, general use of sulfur or sulfur compounds as a crosslinking agent ( Vulcanizing agent) , so that the rubber chemical layout form 6 kinds of crosslinking methods, namely directly crosslinking chain, chain in sulphur crosslinking, single sulfide crosslinking, disulfide crosslinked, polysulphide crosslinking, with residual pioneer promoter polysulphide crosslinking. Crosslinking contact with rubber physical properties after the will be mentioned in the paper. Rubber kraal mat factory found that the above six ways generation and generation than often vary in the rubber vulcanization accelerator type, quantity and used as the number of sulphur vulcanization machine share and selection of curing conditions. C - C crosslinking mainly in non-sulfur crosslinking of occasions, the general crosslinking agent used are the condensation compound, organic peroxide, phenolic resins of quinone oxime, metal oxide and thiourea, depending on the varieties of functional group and rubber crosslinking part features and selected using crosslinked rubber.
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